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Blåkläder Hats & Caps

Blåkläder Hats & Caps

Blåkläder hats and caps for a durable tough look

Do you like to wear a hat or a cap when you work? Then this must of course be of a sustainable quality and be comfortable. The hats and caps from Blåkläder are then an excellent choice. These headwear will fit you perfectly.

Blåkläder is a very appealing brand in workwear. The Swedish company is a leader in designing and producing highly durable workwear that has an excellent appearance. The brand can literally dress both the professional and the professional from head to toe. When you start at the top, you end up with hats and hats from Blåkläder.

Why you can certainly be seen with work clothes from Blåkläder

The Blåkläder brand needs little introduction. It is originally a Swedish brand that has been active in this sector since 1959. The roots of Blåkläder are in Sweden, but the Blåkläder collection is now fully supported in Europe, the USA and Canada. Blåkläder produces more than 2 million items of clothing each year and has a very large collection, including hats and caps.

Blåkläder is a very innovative brand. The brand is constantly improving itself and raising the bar for itself. The objective is to provide the professional with the most suitable work clothing that he or she can rely on in all circumstances. The wishes of the professional in the workplace are the starting point for achieving this goal. In addition, the brand guarantees excellent quality of the workwear through the use of the best materials and by keeping complete control over the production process. This brand recognizes that when tensions and challenges arise, it is precisely the details that will make up, also in corporate clothing. If you have discovered this brand, you want nothing else!

Wide choice of hats and caps from Blåkläder

Although many people see hats and caps as an accessory, Blåkläder thinks differently. The brand also has a very wide choice in this range. The Scandinavian brand can cater to every taste or wish. You can think of:

• A reflective knitted beanie
• Merino wool beanie
• Fleece beanie
• Windstopper beanie
• Knitted hat
• Merino wool hat
• Construction helmet lining
• Helmet hat
• Winter hat
• Scooter Cap
• Balaclava
• Bandana Merino
• Basic cap (with or without logo)
• Wool baseball cap
• Denim stretch cap

Naturally, all hats and caps are available in various colors and designs. The beanies are available with various prints with a timeless but especially cool look. With this you can definitely come across! You will notice that functionality and appearance can be combined in an excellent way.

In addition, Blåkläder has suitable hats and caps for the summer months, but also as protection for when it is really cold or when there is a strong wind and you have to deliver top performance outside. Consider winter hats with ear protection.

Information and personal advice about a hat or cap from Blåkläder

Blåkläder is the perfect brand for professionals who only accept the best option. 71WorkX is therefore a proud official dealer of this brand. A hat or cap from Blåkläder fits in perfectly with the motto of 71WorkX: When workwear meets style!

You can find the entire Blåkläder collection on this website. Do you have questions or need personal advice about Blåkläder workwear? Then please do not hesitate to contact us. Our employees can of course tell you everything about it and help you make your choice.

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