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Blåkläder Workwear Socks

Perfectly fitting work socks from Blåkläder

Have you ever realized how important work socks are? You will only see this if you have been wearing a good pair of work socks. We recommend that you choose Blåkläder work socks in this regard. These socks are of an excellent quality and will literally fit you perfectly!

Blåkläder is a leading brand in workwear. The brand has more than half a century of experience in this field and has built up excellent expertise during this period. You can safely see the brand as one of the market leaders in workwear. The brand is originally from Sweden but has been known for decades in large parts of the world.

The Scandinavian top quality from Blåkläder

Blåkläder stands for Scandinavian top quality. The brand controls the entire production process itself. For this, use is made of the highest quality materials that can be found. Blåkläder only accepts the best. In addition, the brand is constantly working to further develop new ideas and technologies to improve itself. This brand embodies the new standard in corporate clothing. If you have discovered Blåkläder, you want nothing else. This brand recognizes that when tensions and challenges arise, it is precisely the details that will make up, also in corporate clothing.

The wishes of the professional are the starting point. Blåkläder has set itself the goal of developing workwear that is suitable for wearing in the most extreme conditions.

Why you shouldn't underestimate the importance of good work socks

Blåkläder clothing is designed in such a way that you can always trust it whether you work in construction, along the track, on the road or on the water. This also applies to the work socks of this brand. If you have ever worn a good pair of work socks, you know what this means. You should not underestimate the importance of good work socks.

Your well-being, productivity and concentration are certainly affected if you start to get cold or if you suffer from socks that are not comfortable. Blåkläder has developed a concept in work socks, to offer a perfect alternative against all common circumstances. With the "sock system" from Blåkläder you will always keep your feet warm and dry under any circumstances. The very comfortable socks are made from a balanced combination of wool, acrylic, polyamide and elastane.

The "sock system" of Blåkläder

The line in Blåkläder work socks are divided into four categories. The classification is based on the various temperatures in which you are exposed:

• An Xwarm sock is a perfect choice when it is extremely cold. These socks control the heat, absorb the moisture and provide an insulating layer of air between the foot and the shoe. The socks have an excellent fit where you do not suffer from disturbing seams.

• A warm sock keeps your foot warm and dry at cold temperatures. These socks are moisture-wicking, durable and have a thick sole for extra support. These socks also have a perfect fit.

• A light sock is for daily use. The socks are very comfortable and have a functional insulating layer. The small loops of which the socks are made provide the air chambers and the thermal insulation. You can wear these socks every season. These socks keep your feet dry and warm.
• A Dry sock ensures that your foot stays dry and fresh at warmer temperatures. These socks form a perfect base layer due to the moisture-wicking properties. Because of this you will be less likely to suffer from sweaty feet and the accompanying odors. These socks have a perfect fit.

71WorkX the official dealer of Blåkläder

Are you interested in the work socks of Blåkläder? For that you are at the right place at 71WorkX. We are an official Blåkläder dealer. This means that you can find the complete collection of this top brand in our webshop. Do you have questions about this or can we help you with personal advice? Feel free to contact us without obligation. Our skilled employees are happy to help you make your choice.

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