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Herock Workwear

Herock Workwear

Herock – Wear it Work it

Herock does not just design its collections to make you look good while you're at work, protecting yourself against the physical strain on your body by wearing the right clothes is equally important. The first function for every workwear item is to protect its wearer against external factors and physical injuries.

Herock Workwear

Herock Workwear is made from the strongest materials that can resist the toughest conditions. But on top of that, they are also tested for their wearability, convenience and the protection they offer their wearer. Years of experience in the field and a constant search for improvement and subjected to severe testing under the most exigent conditions, by the researchers in our laboratories until every item meets your high demands.

You are Heroes, this is Herock

You are the ones that builds houses and cities. You construct the roads and bridges that connect the entire world.
Herock keeps you safe and dry when the skies fall down.
When something is broken, you are the ones who fix it. You stand your ground in the face of stormy wheather, dizzying heights and all the other dangers that stand in your way.
You are the ones who make sure that the world keeps on going round and round.
You are Heroes.
We are Herock.

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