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Work trousers from Snickers


Prepared for anything

Whatever workday awaits you, our AllroundWork workwear is always a good choice. The combination of an excellent fit, hard-wearing comfort and advanced functionality ensures that you are ready for any situation.

The AllroundWork stretch pants are made of full-stretch material for flexibility and comfort. The 2-way stretch fabric is complemented by 4-way stretch panels in the back for greater freedom of movement. Cordura® reinforced KneeGuard ™ pockets provide extra comfort and protection. Holster, ruler and cargo pockets provide easy access to tools and also feature Cordura® reinforcement for durability. Cordura® material is also applied to other parts that are subject to stress. This ensures mobility and good performance in light to normal conditions.


Workwear with optimal freedom of movement

These high-tech work trousers are tailored to the body by a body-mapped design and made from lightweight stretch material. The ventilation, fabric and model ensure optimal freedom of movement.

For superior flexibility and comfort in the heat, wear these lightweight shorts with high-tech body-mapped design. The shorts are made of ventilating stretch fabric with Cordura® reinforcements for exceptional freedom of movement.


Cool, dry and ventilated

Our LiteWork collection offers the best in ventilation and moisture removal through the use of revolutionary 37.5® technology. Try it yourself and discover a new way of staying cool when it's hot.

These shorts are quick-drying and lightweight and will keep you cool in the heat. Featuring an advanced design with 37.5TM technology, ultralight zippers and stretch insert at the crotch for maximum ventilation and dry working comfort.


Workwear for the toughest work

This family of heavy-duty trousers is based on a timeless look and a completely new fit. With these pants you are assured of exceptional wearing comfort and freedom of movement.

Stay cool in the heat with these hardwearing shorts with a reinforced design and a modern jeans look. Featuring a fantastic fit, stretch insert at the crotch and holster pockets for exceptional functionality and long-lasting comfort.

Why choose stretch?

Reliable Snickers workwear with a great fit and hardwearing comfort with advanced functionality. The ultimate choice for everyday work in all kinds of everyday environments.

Stretch is placed either in the bending directions or where your body expands. For example, it can be placed on the arms or above your knees. Optimize your ability to move and use your full potential.

By using stretch fabrics, we can tailor the garments to a slimmer fit, which not only results in a new look, but also reduces the risk of garments getting caught in machines.

What is the difference between 2-Way and 4-Way stretch?

2-way stretch

The 2-way stretch only extends in one direction and is used for clothing that requires a little more flexibility while maintaining the robust look and feel

4-way stretch

The 4-way stretch offers maximum flexibility in every direction. For our complete set of 6940 FlexiWork, Softshell Stretch trousers and 1940 FlexiWork Softshell Stretch jacket, we opted for the 4-way stretch, double weave technique for a more durable result

New! Slim fit

We present a new floor layer trousers

which offers optimal freedom of movement and long-lasting wear resistance.

We've combined the best of FlexiWork and our classic floorlayer trousers, in what is instantly becoming a new craftsman favorite. Made from hardwearing Ripstop material with mechanical stretch, these pants provide exceptional flexibility and comfort with advanced functionality.

The knee pad pockets are made of full-stretch Armortex® fabric with DuPontTM Kevlar® aramid fibers, keeping the knee pads in optimal position while you work on the floor and also providing abrasion-resistant comfort.

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