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Ladies work jackets, especially for the professional

Are you looking for ladies work jackets of excellent quality? Then you should definitely look in our webshop. We have an extensive range of workwear for our craftsmen, in which matters such as fit, functionality, sustainability and, of course, the appearance are perfectly cared for.

Not only our craftswoman, but also our craftsmen can go to 71WorkX for the best workwear. Many providers of work clothing focus specifically on men, but many women also work in positions that are often described as “men's professions”. Many women are even inferior to this for their male colleagues! That is why you will also find a lot of workwear for women with us and you do not have to appear as a woman in men's clothing at work.

Workwear for women

On the work floor you see many ladies doing their work in workwear for men. This is not necessary at all. There are some very leading manufacturers in workwear, who also have workwear for women in the collection. Take a look at the Sherock, Carhartt, Blåkläder and Snickers Workwear collection. In addition, there are various work shoes that are specially intended for the female foot. Workwear for women is fully adapted to the female fit and in terms of quality and appearance is equal to the men's models.

If you wear the right model of clothing, you will notice that the clothing offers much more wearing comfort and that it looks just that little bit better. The latter is of course also important, because you are a representative of your company. Of course you don't want to look bad, not for yourself and not for your company. With us, Workwear and style go well together in our collection of workwear for women.

Ladies work jackets from top brands

The combination of style and quality is reflected in the ladies work jackets from the top brands that we have available for you. Snickers Workwear has a soft shell jacket in the collection that combines an excellent fit with advanced functionality. The jacket is wind and water resistant, making it perfect for use in all circumstances. The fleece lined collar will give you a wonderful and comfortable protection.

This ladies work jacket has pre-bent sleeves with which you have maximum freedom of movement. The extended back section also protects this area in every working position. The reflective details on the work jacket offer improved visibility and safety.

Sherock ladies work jacket

If you are looking for a ladies work jacket that protects you against very extreme conditions, you should definitely look at the Sherock collection. This American brand is known for its very strong and durable workwear. In the distant past, this clothing (under the brand name (Herock) was made to protect male workers from doing heavy work under very harsh weather conditions. When the demand for women's workwear grew, the brand also started targeting this target group under the name Sherock. It was a great success, many craftsmen make grateful use of this workwear.

The success of this ladies' line is easy to explain. The clothing not only looks beautiful and tough, but is also of a rock-solid quality and has perfect wearing comfort. The fleece jackets are made of 100% Oxford polyester. This excellent reinforcement material is provided with a water-repellent Pro-Reforce coating and is of course breathable and windproof. In addition, the vests have reinforcements on the shoulders and elbows. Due to the adjustable cuffs and the elastic drawstring at the bottom, this ladies work jacket will offer excellent comfort when you are putting down your top performances. Before ordering, take a look at the handy size chart that we have placed under the work jacket to easily determine the correct size.

Order ladies work jackets at 71WorkX

As you can see, 71WorkX is an excellent place to order women's work jackets. Do you have any questions or need personal advice? Then you can feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you choose workwear that is specially designed for the modern professional.

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