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Work vests

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Ladies work vests

Are you looking for women's work vests to work in? Then take a look at the 71WorkX website. We not only have an extensive range of workwear for men, but also a very wide choice of workwear for women. We can also fully dress the professional with quality clothing that certainly looks good. Just look at our work vests for women.

There are those days when it is just too cold to go to work without a jacket, but just too warm to do your work wrapped up. An excellent solution for this is a work vest. This is not only good, but also looks good! A work vest has a tough but at the same time also somewhat sporty appearance. As a leading webshop for workwear, we not only have work vests for men, but also for women we have wonderful work vests.

Work vests for ladies with the right look

Our range has been selected based on various aspects that we consider very important. Think of quality, durability, functionality and appearance. The latter is also very important to us. After all, a lot of work clothing does meet the first three conditions, but it lacks in appearance. The other way around is often also the case. This certainly often applies to women's work clothes. Many providers have only limited or no choice in this regard. That is different at 71WorkX. We have an extensive range in this segment, including work vests for women. Again, you do not have to walk in a men's model on those days when the choice of clothing is a challenge.

Ladies work vest from Sherock

If you are looking for a nice ladies work vest we can recommend the brand Sherock. This brand is not only a leader in sustainable workwear, but also just looks good and cool. Originally, the brand focused only on men's workwear under the name Herock, but the days when the heavy jobs were filled by exclusively men are long gone. In today's society, many women can also be found in the professions originally known as "male professions". The brand has developed the Sherock clothing line for this professional. The ladies work vest is one of the garments from this collection.

Ladies work vests of excellent quality

Sherock makes every effort to ensure that the clothing meets the high requirements of the user. Despite the years of experience in this industry, the clothing is developed and researched by scientists and researchers in the laboratories. The garments are then tested in practice during extreme practical situations before it is put on the market. In this way, a very good quality of the clothing is guaranteed.

This is also reflected in the ladies work vests. These are indestructible. The outside of the work vest is made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton and has a nice fleece collar. The inside and lining are made of 100% polyester. The work vest has a waterproof coating if the questionable weather turns into a rainy day. An extra long back length allows you to work comfortably and comfortably in any position. The work vest has handy pockets for carrying small items such as your phone. You will experience that this work vest is perfect to wear on those days when it is just too warm with a jacket and just too cold without a jacket.

Order work vests for women

Are you interested in ordering this work vest for women from the Sherock brand? Please first check the size chart under the product information. Here you can easily deduce which size you should have. If you have any questions about this, you can always contact us. We are happy to assist you.

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