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Dunderdon workwear, what do I need to know?

A good craftsman also needs good work wear. How else can you perform optimally? Workwear from Dunderdon offer the right support, so that you can grow further and perform your craft as well as possible.

If you spend a lot of time in a certain set of workwear and are dependent on quality for your income, then you want it to be comfortable! Not only comfort is important, but sustainability and safety also play a major role. Dunderdon work trousers try to meet these requirements.

Where does Dunderdon come from and what does it stand for?

Dunderdon was founded by the Swede Per-Ivan Hagberg in 1997. As a carpenter he was the perfect person to make an addition to the workwear industry. He found that there was a gap in the segment. Traditional work clothes were effective, strong and of good quality. However, the design and style left much to be desired.

On the other hand, you can't go welding, building or working outside in your favorite jeans bought in the local pants store. According to Per, a compromise should be possible. Bearing this in mind, he founded the Dunderdon brand, now owned by the "Hultafors Group" for that purpose.

Their corporate philosophy reflects this. “Design based on function and authenticity is timeless and will never lose its relevance. That is why fashion will always be at the service of the influence of work clothes. "

Why choose this workwear?

The brand is known for delivering good quality. Certainly if you are looking for fashionable clothes that you can wear for work. Dunderdon positions itself very conveniently within the market as many people are looking for the previously described compromise. Many professionals think that traditional workwear looks too robust. Their normal clothing is broken in no time if they wear it to work. That is why Dunderdon workwear is chosen.

What can you find in the assortment?

The work trousers of Dunderdon are the cornerstone of their company. It is what they started with and according to themselves it is what they are best at. In the assortment you will find many different trousers, they are all called "P" followed by their own number. If there is an "s" behind it is about shorts. All pants are made from top material according to the same quality standards. So that choosing the right work pants is only a matter of matching the pants with your needs. So you don't have to worry about quality differences between models.

Furthermore, many trousers are equipped with useful features such as dryable pipes, interchangeable pockets for tools, knee padding, drawcords at the ankles and much more. This flexibility reflects the variable nature of craftsmanship. There is the required pants for every professional or professional woman!

Denim pants

Real jeans can therefore also be used as workwear! Made from strong Japanese Denim, these work trousers offer everything a professional needs. These versions are of course extra reinforced and can be fully equipped with all kinds of additions. Extra pockets, knee protectors etc. everything that a professional could be embarrassed about.


This model has been in the range since the company was founded and there is still a lot of demand for it. It represents what the company is trying to do by making classic trousers fashion suitable for the reality of the shop floor. In this way they make it possible to look stylish at work without sacrificing functionality.


Of course you can also find the traditional canvas pants in the range. How else can you be a self-respecting brand for work trousers if you don't take the classic seriously? Just as with the previous two versions, there are all sorts of extras for this type of pants. So that you can combine the classic with all new additions and you will not miss anything in terms of functionality.

For each his own

The core of the appeal of Dunderdon’s work trousers lies in the combination of fashion and functionality. Are you someone who enjoys beautiful clothes and finds it unfortunate that your work trousers do not reflect that? Then this clothing is for you! If you are looking for traditional, high-quality work trousers, then you are certainly at the right place here. Whatever your choice, work pants from Dunderdon help you reach your goal.

Our customer service will gladly help you answer all your questions or make a choice.


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