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Sherock, workwear for the professional

71WorkX is not only a webshop where you can order workwear as a professional, but the professional can also make an excellent choice here. We have women's workwear from well-known appealing top brands such as Sherock. Sherock is a brand that has excellent work clothes in the collection for the modern professional.

It is often difficult for the ladies in the workplace to get the right work clothes. This is not the case with 71WorkX. We have a versatile range in women's workwear. As a woman, you can count on us for work jackets, vests, work trousers, sweaters, polos, T-shirts and work shoes. With us you as a professional will certainly succeed for your work clothes.

Leading brand in quality corporate clothing for women

In the past, you saw many women walking around in the workplace in men's work clothes, but this is no longer necessary. There are several major brands in corporate clothing that provide workwear for the ladies. Fortunately, because as a woman you also want to have work clothes that are not only of good quality and functional, but also look good.

Sherock is a leading brand in quality corporate clothing for women. This brand has a complete line of corporate clothing for women. This collection includes excellent work trousers, sweaters, T-shirts, work jackets, body warmers, polo shirts and work sweaters. The clothing has a perfect fit that is tailored to the feminine lines of the body. This way you can pleasantly and comfortably deliver the top performances that are required of you.

Sherock for strong and comfortable company clothing for women

Sherock stands for strong and comfortable company clothing for women who have a cool image. This workwear will offer you optimal protection against external factors and will protect you against injuries. It is excellent clothing if you have to do heavy physical labor.

The name “Rock” says it all, the brand produces indestructible company clothing. The clothing is made of the strongest materials that can resist all external influences. This clothing has been extensively tested in extreme practical situations for wearability, comfort and protection. The complete design and choice of materials is based on this. The clothing is of an excellent quality that you will enjoy for a long time.

Sherock, the ladies version of Herock

The days when the workplace consisted of only men are over. Nowadays many women can also be found in these types of professions and it is clearly noticeable that the stamp of the so-called “male professions” and “women's professions” is rapidly fading. The “stone” clothing brand has jumped in perfectly here.

The brand originally started as Herock, but when there was an increased demand for workwear for women, the brand also started producing clothing for that target group under the name “Sherock”. The modern professional can also be equipped with the right equipment. This allows you to best showcase your craftsmanship.

Official dealer for women's workwear

71WorkX is the official dealer for Sherock. In our webshop you will find the complete collection of workwear of this brand. You will find all the latest models first with us. As far as we are concerned, it is not necessary for us to walk around in men's clothing. We have a wide choice here. If you click on the product, you will also find various colors and designs of the garment.

Can't find the clothes you want or do you need personal advice? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to inventory your wishes to show you our offer based on this. Our skilled employees are happy to help you. Before you make your choice, it is good to first consult the Sherock size chart. You can easily determine your size and we can send you the right size in one go.

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