71WorkX expands its range of products with the brand Snickers Workwear. Adding Snickers Workwear to it’s range, www.71WorkX.com offers its clients cutting edge workwear from an absolute premium brand, leader in the workwear industry in Europe

Snickers Workwear, new in our shop

For more than 30 years the Swedish brand Snickers produces workwear that meets the highest quality standards. This quality shows in an advanced design, superior functionality, comfort, protection and durability. Developed and adjusted on the essential needs of the hard-working craftsmen. Making his professional life easier, safer and more productive.

Rianne Ramaker, Director 71WorkX: "Probably needless to say, but we are very proud to be able to add the premium brand Snickers Workwear to our existing range of products. We sell all Snicker products.

Important to www.71WorkX.com, Snickers and SP Tools is, to ultimately keeping the craftsman at the forefront. Extending our range with the premium brand Snickers Workwear, is another step forward to get the job done”

www.71WorkX.nl offers the best brands in the field of tools and work wear. Curious about our range of Snickers Workwear? Please visit our website, we will present the latest collection Snickers Workwear within the next few days.

Snickers: "Fighting for better Workwear"