Hellberg Secure 2C Synergy Hearing Protection

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Secure 2C Synergy Hearing Protection - Hellberg

SYNERGY offers wireless connection via Bluetooth® with your mobile phone. You can make phone calls and stream music of your choice without ever compromising your safety. The gooseneck microphone with noise canceling ensures clear communication even in environments with extremely high sound levels. Level dependent microphones in each earbud provide excellent directional hearing, provide natural sound and allow you to hear conversations, warning signals and other important information without compromising protection. Easy-to-reach buttons allow you to fine-tune the AM / FM radio manually.

  • Bluetooth® with A2DP profile for phone calls and streaming
  • The noise cancellation of the gooseneck microphone filters out background noise for the benefit of speech
  • Level-dependent microphones in each earplug ensure that you stay alert to your surroundings and hear warning signals and other important information, without having to change the hearing protection
  • Manual tuning and automatic frequency control make it easy to tune precisely to the desired station
  • The sound of the radio and the level dependent function are limited to a safe level
  • Includes rechargeable batteries for up to 62 hours of use

SKU: 49102-001

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