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Sherock workwear

It can be a challenge for ladies to find suitable work clothes. Sherock has thought about that. With the women's workwear collection, Sherock jumps into this man-high hole in the market. In addition, they distinguish themselves not only with the unique fits, but also with the superior quality of the clothing.

Sherock is one of the strongest brands for women's workwear on the market. With the characteristic design features, this brand brings a certain flair to the work wardrobe of woman. Thanks to this work clothing, the ladies do not have to worry that they will not look stylish at work.

In addition to the aesthetically very attractive clothing, it is of course also important that the clothing fulfills its task: protecting the wearer. With Sherock's clothing, this is also a guaranteed success story. The work clothing is of such high quality that it adequately protects against various external factors.

Sherock workwear, the range

The Sherock range of 71Workx covers a nice variety of women's workwear. For example, the body warmers are a great item for any job in the outdoors. Wear these bodywarmers not only to stay warm, but also to protect yourself against the potential hazards of the workplace. The body warmers are available in different colors, such as navy blue, black and gray. This way you can even match it with the rest of your outfit. Do you work in a warmer environment? Then there are always the Sherock T-shirts and polos, perfect for any business environment. The polos are also available in a wider variety of colors, such as red and green. Finally, it can of course be that you have to work in a much colder environment and that a body warmer just does not cover the damage enough. The handy Sherock sweater and fleece jacket are the perfect solution for those moments. This way you are always comfortable and at ease even in the most extreme working conditions.

Have you become as enthusiastic as we are? Then quickly order your new work look. Do you order for € 329,75 excl. VAT or more? Then we even pay the shipping costs for you. It's time to take your work to a new level!

Also for the men

Is your husband also looking for high-quality work clothes? Then he can go to the men's branch of Sherock: Herock. That way you can get to the workplace together in style.

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