Men's workwear

Are you looking for comfortable men's workwear that also meets all safety requirements? Then the 71Workx range of workwear and safety shoes is exactly what you are looking for!

71Workx has been the specialist in the field of durable, trendy and safe workwear since 2013. 71Workx is a leader in the European market and only supplies top quality workwear, work shoes and tools, so with 71Workx you are opting for a sustainable investment.

Professional men's workwear must be thought out down to the smallest detail.

Your work outfit should be trendy, distinctive and preferably individual. Gone are the days when workwear was only used to protect against dirt or to store tools. Because let's be honest: we judge each other on the appearance of the workwear we wear. It doesn't matter who or what you are - you want to look your best. With the workwear collections from 71WorkX, the image of yourself and / or your employees will stand out far above the rest, putting your company on the map!

Protective workwear for men

Work clothing must be flexible and adapted to the different weather elements and be able to anticipate rapid changes in weather conditions. Robust, innovative and extremely comfortable clothing that doesn't care when bad weather is on the way. Depending on the brand, we offer light, practical work jackets, comfortable softshell jackets, weather-resistant rain jackets, waterproof dungarees and functional winter jackets. Special protective measures may be necessary depending on the work you perform. Special work clothing that protects against heat and flames or against the dangers of an electric welding arc, for example.

Sustainable workwear for different industries

Our collections are made of high-quality materials and according to the latest trends and safety requirements. From super flexible full stretch fabric to extremely durable canvas material, at 71Workx you will find the right workwear for many different industries.

The stylish, practical and protective properties of our workwear will meet your requirements

 to be well-dressed for any occasion, without compromising on protection, comfort and good design. For example, very different requirements are set for work clothing for craftsmen than work clothing in the catering- or healthcare sector.

High-quality workwear must also be functional, such as the pockets but also the season, the weather in general and the fashionable aspect, play a major role.

Advertise with your company logo

Provide recognition and a professional appearance. With us you can have your workwear printed or embroidered with your own logo or text.

Your professional business card must be well planned, our internal team of consultants has the necessary know-how and is happy to support you in the design of your workwear. We make an example for you of what the end result will look like on the item of clothing you want. You can request a customized quote by sending an email to: [email protected]

Fit and size

Professional workwear must above all: fit perfectly! Shape and size are decisive to ensure a comfortable fit. Do you want advice on the right size, fabric or fit before you buy your workwear? Please contact our customer service: [email protected]

Extensive range

In addition to work jackets and work trousers, the 71Workx range consists of a large number of work shoes, in both high and low models. You can also contact us for numerous accessories, such as belts, nail pockets and knee pads. The versatile range of 71Workx can be used in many professional groups. The various articles therefore meet the various safety requirements that apply in the work fields.

Work shoes protect against more than just nails

A suitable safety shoe, tailored to your work, is extremely important to protect your feet against external influences. A good work shoe protects against nails, uneven surfaces and shocks. By developing a foot base for work shoes that provides stability in collaboration with orthopedists, physical complaints are prevented or alleviated. Complaints such as: Knee and hip problems, heel spurs, low back pain and inflammation. The 71WorkX shoe collection is leading for the future and includes work shoes for all types of users.

Always a discount on workwear

At 71Workx your favorite brand of workwear, work shoes or tools is always for sale with at least a 10% discount, regardless of the quantity to be ordered or the order amount. With us no hidden snags or difficult to fathom volume discounts.

Sustainability anchored in our DNA  

At 71WorkX, sustainability is central and we are convinced that this goes hand in hand with good entrepreneurship. Since the very beginning, our focus has been on the sale of sustainably produced workwear.

“We believe in sustainability, because everything revolves around tomorrow”

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