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Bekina Safety Boots RigliteX SolidGrip S5 Insulated Brown Black XFN4P/7080A 00.135.024 71workx right logo
Bekina Safety Boots RigliteX SolidGrip S5 Brown Black XRN4P/7080A 00.135.025 71workx right logo
Bekina Safety Boots Steplite X O4 Green Black XAN1P9180AP 00.135.022 71workx right
Bekina Thermolite IceShield S5 Work Boots
Bekina Steplite EasyGrip S4 Work Boots
Bekina StepliteX ThermoProtec XCI S5 Work Boots
Bekina StepliteX SolidGrip S5 Work Boots
Bekina Steplite EasyGrip S5 Work Boots

Bekina work boots

Are you looking for work boots that enable you to perform optimally on every surface? Then you don't have to look far! Work boots that meet the highest safety class are produced in a small town in the Belgian Ardennes. Bekina Work Boots guarantee maximum comfort combined with a sophisticated design. An excellent alternative for the true professional!

As a professional or professional you know that you are capable of a lot, but unfortunately you cannot always influence your working conditions. Fortunately, you can take your measures and dress accordingly. Of course, good work clothes are of great importance, but you should also not underestimate your work shoes. There are sometimes situations where you can choose boots even better. If that is the case, we recommend that you choose Bekina work boots. These work boots meet all your conditions

71WorkX for Bekina work boots

As you know, we can literally dress every professional from head to toe with the best quality work clothes. We are therefore the official dealer of the most appealing brands in this field. Bekina work boots is one of these brands. We fully support the quality of this top brand. As far as we are concerned, Bekina work boots are excellent for people who work in the following sectors:

  • Agriculture;
  • Fishing;
  • Food sector;
  • Industry.

Of course you can also wear these boots in your spare time. If you go for a walk on a rainy day, if you are going to work in your garden or if you are going to watch the motocross.

The advanced NEOTANE® Technology of a Bekina work boot

Bekina has been a producer of work boots since 1962. Based on this long experience, this brand has developed the unique NEOTANE® Technology. This makes the boots much stronger, more comfortable and more insulating than comparable work boots. This brand has therefore become one of the larger players in this field.

The advanced NEOTANE® Technology from Bekina work boots is actually a collective name for the materials used in the manufacture of the boots (high-quality polyurethane), the high-tech machines with which the boots are manufactured and the sophisticated techniques that have been applied.

The distinctive value of Bekina work boots

Bekina work boots are distinctive in three main areas:

The boots are designed in such a way that they are suitable for long-term wear in the most challenging circumstances. The outer layer is, after all, very hard and impervious to dirt and other chemicals. During the production process of the boot, a cell structure has been created that is fully cured. This forms a protective layer. Another advantage is that the boot is easy to clean. To the motocross on your work boots? Your boss won't find out!

NEOTANE® Technology is known for the millions of small air bubbles that have been incorporated into the material. These air bubbles ensure that this boot feels very flexible and is not as stiff as other boots. The small air bubbles move with you! In addition, this construction has a thermally insulating effect. The big advantage is that your foot stays warm in cold conditions and that your foot stays nice and cool in warm conditions.

The protective inner layer completes it. This layer consists of, among other things, moisture-absorbing insoles. This also contributes to the self-regulating thermal process of the boot. Therefore, there is clearly an interaction between the outer layer of the boot that you, as a professional or professional, will certainly make grateful use of!

Bekina Boots

Bekina boots offer an excellent combination between price and quality. If you walk on these boots, you will feel the craftsmanship and especially the passion of the makers. You notice that the brand has a long experience in this field (more than half a century) and you know what demands are placed on work boots. Enough reasons to take this brand very seriously!

If you look at the Bekina work boots on our website, you immediately know what we mean. Not a word written too much! These work boots easily meet safety class S5. The boots are of course antistatic, have a steel toecap, have an anti-slip profile and steel midsole. The boots are available in the most common sizes.

Do you have questions about our range of Bekina work boots or are you looking for something special? Then please contact us. Our employees are happy to help you (literally) further. As an official dealer of Bekina work boots, we can help you with the full range of this brand. You will also be the first to find all new models with us ... so keep an eye on this website if you are looking for the best work boots.

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