Fristads Work Trousers

Are you looking for work trousers that work as hard as you do? Discover the Fristads work trousers - the perfect combination of comfort, durability, and functionality. Specially designed for professionals demanding high-quality. Available in various sizes, colors, and styles for both women and men. Order today and experience outstanding quality at!

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Discover the versatility of Fristads work trousers. 

Are you a professional who understands the importance of good workwear? Whether you are self-employed, working in SMEs, or part of a large enterprise, chances are Fristads workwear can make your workday much more comfortable and efficient. At, we take pride in our range of this leading brand. Read on to discover which Fristads work trousers suit your sector best!

A century of craftsmanship in Fristads work trousers

At, we understand that true professionals only want the best when it comes to workwear. With almost a hundred years of experience, Fristads embodies that perfection. Each design is the result of years of innovation and dedication to quality. From ultralight 4-way stretch windproof Fristads work trousers with knee pockets to extremely robust Fristads work trousers with special tool pockets, Fristads has something unique for every professional. And there's more: by combining popular Fristads work trousers with work concepts like Haverdal, Alnaryd, Tyresta, Skarup, Stiby, and Trofta, Fristads offers the opportunity to create a complete work outfit with matching upper clothing and jackets in the same style and quality. Find your perfect match and radiate craftsmanship every working day.

Discover the various Fristads work concepts

Below, we proudly explain the different work concepts that ensure you, as a professional, wear the very best.

  • Classics: Experience the classic charm of workwear with the timeless and reliable clothing line; the epitome of functionality, worn and loved by generations of professionals.
  • Haverdal: The Haverdal concept focuses on the versatile craftsman. Characterized by light materials combined with functionality, making the work trousers ideal for indoor and outdoor work. Perfect for companies in the construction and building industry.
  • Alnaryd: Discover the comfort of CYD-inspired workwear; feels like cotton, performs like steel, equipped with CORDURA® for durability and 4-way stretch for freedom. Suitable for companies in the construction and building industry.
  • Tyresta: For the customer seeking top quality, Tyresta is the solution. The ultimate innovation with advanced materials, 4-way stretch, ventilating mesh pockets, top wearing comfort, contrasting details, and an amazing fit. Excellent for companies in the construction and building industry.
  • Skarup: Explore Skarup: the dynamic workwear with race-inspired style that brings unity to your team and exudes versatility with a touch of flair. The industrial washable collection, OEKO-TEX® certified, awaits your professional touch! Perfect for companies in the service and industry sector.
  • Stiby: Looking for high-visibility trousers, lightweight and comfortable without burdening the planet? Choose Stiby: sustainable, comfortable, and designed for freedom of movement thanks to CORDURA® and stretch panels.
  • Trofta: Go for sustainable visibility and comfort with this environmentally conscious collection, made from organic cotton and recycled PET. It combines lightweight convenience with strength where you need it most! 

By combining popular trousers with these work concepts, Fristads offers the opportunity to create a complete work outfit with matching upper clothing and jackets in the same style and quality. Each of these concepts is designed with specific working conditions and the wearer's needs in mind.

Different types of Fristads work trousers

  • Fristads stretch work trousers: Maximum freedom of movement meets durable quality. This is also found in Fristads work shorts.
  • Fristads Kansas work trousers: A classic that stands for robustness and functionality.
  • Fristads high-visibility work trousers: Safety first, without compromising on comfort.
  • Sustainable work trousers: Environmentally conscious work in premium quality workwear.
  • Fristads work trousers for women: Specifically designed for the female professional, without compromises. 

Fristads work trousers for different sectors 

For the construction professional who wants to carry handy tools, we have Fristads work trousers with functional hanging nail pockets, front pockets, and space for Fristads knee protectors in knee pockets for when you work a lot on your knees. Working at a fast pace as an installation technician? Then choose detachable Fristads work trousers for freedom of movement combined with the ability to quickly adapt to changing weather conditions. Additionally, you also have a choice of many color options for your Fristads work trousers, such as white, gray, green, or black, matching every industry or company with a suitable color.

Fristads Jogger work trousers 2687

Discover the urban style of the Fristads jogging work trousers. These trousers combine the look of a modern sweatpants with practical features and functions, such as front pockets, knee pockets for your knee protectors, and cordura material, that you can expect in trousers of this brand.

Sustainable Fristads work trousers

Sustainability is not a trend but a standard. Fristads takes sustainability seriously; it is woven into every fiber of their workwear. They are committed to constantly reducing their environmental impact while providing quality clothing with recycled material that performs, day in and day out. They introduce durability in Fristads work trousers that not only survive your workday but also leave a smaller footprint on our planet.

Fristads work trousers for women

We believe that every professional should feel confident. That's why we offer Fristads work trousers specifically designed for women, with the same functionalities and quality. 

Buy now at

At, we are not just an online store; we are partners in your professional growth. We understand the importance of good workwear and offer you only the best A-brands, such as Fristads. Ready to elevate your work outfit? Go to and order your Fristads work trousers today. Your performance deserves professional support.

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