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How great would it be if you were always working with the very best air tools?

For craftsmen like you, SP Air Tools is the Rolls Royce of air tools. A lot of force is released by using compressed gases. SP Air Tools knows how to use this like no other.

SP Air Tools, authority in air tools

SP Air Tools is known worldwide for its wide range of innovative and high-quality pneumatic tools. With more than 35 years of experience, SP Air is an authority in the development of air tools. SP Air has its patented designs manufactured in its own factories in Japan.

Collection of pneumatic tools

Need professional air tools? Our range includes drills, mini air ratchets, ratchets, impact wrenches, mini impact wrenches and die grinders. Of course you can also go to 71WorkX for, for example, adjustable air couplings and sanding discs.

Pneumatic tools and quality

With air tools, many jobs become a lot easier. After all, pneumatic tools are powerful yet light. But only buy quality tools. Pneumatics only work effectively in a closed system. This also applies to hydraulics and electrical engineering. In the case of pneumatics, it is important that the system is airtight. For example, if there is a crack or break in a hose, it is not possible to build up sufficient air pressure. And so you cannot realize the desired movement in your tool. The quality of the materials used must therefore be exceptionally good. That is precisely why we chose SP Air Tools.

Some features of SP Air air tools:

✓ the most beautiful impact wrenches in the world
✓ ratchets with induction hardened heads to minimize the risk of spreading
✓ use of the latest technology and materials for the bodies
✓ light in weight
✓ very powerful
✓ complies with EC directives (89/392 EEC, 91/368 EEC).
✓ best power / weight ratio in air tools in the world

Are you still unfamiliar with the brand? More information can be found on the SP Air website.

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