Fristads Workwear

As a professional, you deserve workwear that is both durable and comfortable. With over 100 years of experience, Fristads understands this like no other and offers an extensive range that meets all your needs. Safely and easily order your new work outfit from Fristads workwear online at

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Discover the unmatched quality of Fristads workwear

Working is more than a task; it's an art. And every artist deserves the best tools to showcase their craftsmanship. That tool? Your workwear. And when it comes to quality and innovation, there is one name that stands out above the rest: Fristads workwear.

The beginning of Fristads workwear: 100 years of experience

In the world of industrial transformation, Fristads started as a pioneer in workwear. Established by John Magnuson in 1925, the brand produced top-quality workwear in Fristad, Sweden. Magnuson introduced Swedish denim jeans, leading to a complete range of workwear and establishing Fristads workwear as an innovative and high-quality brand.

Why do professionals choose Fristads workwear?

•    Durability: Using hard-wearing materials (such as cordura) that are not only stylish but also capable of handling heavy work.
•    Comfort: Clothing designed with emphasis on freedom of movement and a good fit.
•    Style: Contemporary designs that exude professionalism.
•    Innovation: Always at the cutting edge of advanced materials and production processes in functional workwear for better performance. For instance, clothing with features like UV protection, with reflective details, softshell jackets, or flame-retardant trousers.

At 71WorkX, we believe hard-working professionals like you deserve the best garments. Whether you're a freelancer, run a small SME, or are part of a large company, Fristads workwear is the choice that demonstrates insight and provides what you need to perform your work optimally.

Sustainability meets functionality

At 71workx, you dress for success with a clear conscience. Our Fristads workwear collection is committed to our planet - every zip and every stitch promise less impact on the environment without compromising on quality. Sustainability is the future of workwear, woven into every piece of our range. We not only guarantee a greener tomorrow, we deliver on it, every day with Fristads workwear. Choosing Fristads workwear at 71workx is a step towards a more sustainable world.

Innovation in every thread with Fristads workwear

Fristads workwear understands the diversity in working conditions and offers specially developed concepts. Whether you opt for 'Fristads Airtech®', perfect for all weather conditions, 'Fristads A.P.S.' providing unparalleled comfort, or the 'Fristads Green' collection for the environmentally conscious professional; you bring the best into your workplace. With Fristads workwear pioneering 'High Vis' concepts, you are always visible and safe, while 'Gen Y' appeals to the younger generation with a fresh, modern look. Every fabric, button, and pocket promises quality, comfort, and sustainability. Discover how these concepts elevate the standard in workwear.

Fristads workwear: made to work

What makes Fristads workwear so unique? They are progressive in providing a complete range of workwear that gets the job done. Here's a look at the versatile assortment:

•    Fristads work trousers: Innovatively designed for comfort and function, with durable materials meeting the highest standards and certifications. Suitable for sectors like industry or hospitality, featuring front pockets, knee pockets, knee protection, and more. Discover here.
   Fristads work shorts: Explore here a diverse and wide range of shorts, ideal for various professions in warm environments. Durable or lightweight shorts, also with stretch for optimal freedom of movement.
•    Fristads overalls: Shields against the elements while offering freedom of movement. For instance, an American overall, shop here more.
•    Fristads work jackets: Optimal comfort and protection in different weather conditions, including comfortable softshell jackets, heated fleece jackets, insulated winter jackets, discover here more.
•    Work shirts: Both robust and stylish, suitable for all work environments. T-shirts with short or long sleeves, we've got it all.

Stronger together: The power of Fristads, Kansas, and Hultafors!

At 71Workx, we're really excited about the ongoing story of Fristads workwear, a brand known for top quality and durability. The recent merger with Kansas and integration into the Hultafors Group marks the beginning of a super exciting new phase. Here, three giants of work gear combine forces to offer professionals the best: innovation, comfort, and functionality. These smart moves enhance our range and ensure that at 71Workx, we can provide the most comprehensive and high-quality gear. With Fristads, Kansas, and Hultafors by our side, we can now present a fantastic range of personal protective equipment that every tradesperson should have. Step confidently into any workplace, equipped with the best Europe has to offer.

Your work, our passion

At 71WorkX, we're passionate about the safety and comfort of our customers. That's why we're proud to collaborate with a brand like Fristads that shares these values. What does 71WorkX offer the professional Fristads wearer?

•    A seamless shopping experience: Easily and quickly order your favorite clothing.
•    Expert advice: Personal service for the best choice.
•    Fast delivery: Because we understand that time is money.

Discover our collection of Fristads workwear at 71WorkX now and experience the difference for yourself. Whether you're in construction, logistics, or a workshop, we know that every sector has its own requirements for workwear. Fristads workwear meets these specific needs and characteristics with tailored solutions. Every thread, every fiber, every stitch is designed with you in mind. Start safe online shopping now and elevate your professional look. Benefit from free shipping, 14-day return policy, and the option to pay later.

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