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8 Items

Carhartt Duck Bib Overall Women 106001 71workx Brown BRN front
Carhartt Duck Bib Overall Women 106001 71workx Black N04 front
102438 Women's Bib Overall Duck Canvas Crawford - Black 001 - Carhartt - front
104672 Bib Overall Dungarees Denim Cotton - Darkstone DST - Carhartt - front
102987 Bib Overall Canvas Stretch Rigby Rugged Flex - Gravel 039 - Carhartt - front
102776 Bib Overall Duck Relaxed fit - Carhartt
Carhartt 102776 Duck Bib Overall - Carhartt Brown
102776 Bib Overall Duck Relaxed fit - Carhartt
Carhartt 102776 Duck Bib Overall - Black
102438 Women's Bib Overall Duck Canvas Crawford - Carhartt Brown 211 - front

Carhartt overalls for versatile use

If you are looking for work overalls for versatile use, chances are that you will choose Carhartt overalls. Carhartt is a very distinctive brand in indestructible workwear that you can fully rely on in all (extreme) circumstances.

If you should describe clothing from the Carhartt brand, then words like “strong”, “durable”, “durable” and “excellent resistance” best cover the load. Carhartt is a leading brand in workwear that has been working successfully on the (rail) road for more than a century. The latter is almost literally the case when we mention that the roots of this brand lie in dressing workers who worked under extreme conditions.

Quality of the workwear based on past experiences

The experiences gained in the past are still applied in the garments that are now available on the market. These (work) garments are distinguished because they are extremely resistant to extreme conditions. This tough no-nonsense workwear is made of advanced materials and has excellent resistance to water, fire and abrasion.

Carhartt is the developer of the famous Duck fabric and the equally famous Carhartt denim that you now regularly see in the workwear of this brand but were traditionally used in the overalls of the railway workers.

Overall made of Duck fabric to work in

Hamilton Carhartt's family business has become famous with the introduction of the famous duck material. This material has been traditionally used in overalls and work jackets and ensures that you can continue to do your work optimally even in bad weather conditions. The introduction turned out to be timeless and of great value. There is still a lot chosen for an overall of Duck fabric to work in. The overalls are made of the extremely robust Cotton Duck, so of 100% cotton canvas, which ensures quality.

Carhartt has various Duck overalls in the collection. You can choose overalls with adjustable elastic suspender closures or overalls that cover your entire body and feature a ribcord collar with press studs for an optional hood. All overalls from Carhartt are provided with three-seam stitched main seams. The overalls have an ergonomic design and an excellent fit, giving you excellent freedom of movement. It goes without saying that the functionality of these garments has been taken into account in the design of the overalls. You will also find many handy pockets in the coverall to store your tools and other small items, such as your phone, in a safe but efficient way.

Work overalls of the famous denim fabric

In addition to the introduction of the Duck overalls, Carhartt is also the first brand to use the advantages of the famous (and indispensable) denim fabric for work overalls. These types of overalls of 100% washed cotton denim are still widely available and can be seen in the workplace. You can see from this that Carhartt's philosophy has never changed. If you choose a robust work coverall with the famous C logo, you know that you are choosing excellent quality.

Carhartt overalls for work and leisure

The Carhartt overalls are excellent for frequent use. You do not only see the overalls in various sectors, but also people who do a lot of jobs in private and wear coveralls for this, often choose Carhartt. This choice is based on the fact that the brand absolutely guarantees durability, comfort, fit and functionality and only chooses advanced materials that have proven their value in extreme conditions. In addition, Carhartt overalls have a tough, no-nonsense appearance, so you can definitely be seen in these overalls. It proves that you only settle for the best.

The official Carhartt dealer

Carhartt fits perfectly into the philosophy of 71WorkX: where workwear meets style. That is why we are happy and proud to be an official dealer of this leading brand. This means that you will find the full collection of Carhartt work overalls (and other work clothing) in our webshop. With us you will be the first to find all the latest models.

It is wise to look carefully before ordering in the size chart of Carhartt. You can find these on the specific product pages of the garments. The dimensions of Carhartt are not the same as the dimensions we use. Carhartt garments are generally quite loose.

If you have any questions about this, or need personal advice, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experienced and skilled employees are ready to help you personally.

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