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Grisport Yucon S3 Safety Shoes
Grisport Camino S3 Safety Shoes
Grisport 70072 S2 Safety Shoes
Grisport High Safety Shoes Motor S3 34000 71workx Black right
Grisport Bender S3 Safety Shoes
Grisport Horizon S3 Safety Shoes
Grisport Constrictor S3 Safety Shoes
Grisport Tundra S3 Safety Shoes
Grisport 903 Offroad High Safety Shoes S3 Black Brown 71workx 33247 side
Grisport 803L S3 Safety Shoes
Grisport 71609 S1P Safety Shoes
Grisport 72009 S1P Safety Shoes
Grisport All Season Socks
Grisport 70249C S3 Wool Lined Work Boots
Grisport Safety Boots Iron S3 34006 71workx Black Grey right
Grisport Safety Boots Hound S3 34007 71workx Brown Orange right
Grisport ESD Socks
Grisport Insoles High
Grisport Cool Socks Summer
Grisport Cool Socks 3-Pack Summer
Grisport Thermo Socks
Grisport Insoles Low
Grisport Insoles Medium
Grisport Firm S3 Safety Shoes
Grisport GTX Line S3 Safety Shoes
Grisport Beat S3 Safety Shoes
Grisport 71001 S3 Safety Shoes
Grisport 901L Low Safety Shoes S3 Black 71workx 33149 side
Grisport 72707C Wool Lined Work Boots
Grisport 72401C S3 Wool Lined Work Boots
Grisport 72401C S3 Work Boots
Grisport 70249C S3 Work Boots
Grisport 70299C S3 Work Boots
Grisport Trace S3 Safety Shoes
Grisport Solar S3 Safety Shoes
Grisport Prato S3 Safety Shoes
Grisport Lago S3 Safety Shoes

Grisport Safety Shoes

Grisport when you are you looking for work shoes that are made of high-quality materials and have a perfect fit. Then the Grisport safety shoes are certainly eligible! Grisport can be found everywhere. The shoes are not only frequently worn in the Netherlands, they are also very popular abroad. After all, Grisport safety shoes are available in more than 50 countries, which is not surprising. Grisport safety shoes are groundbreaking, fashionable and clearly of superior quality.

Where protection meets style

Grisport shoes are of Italian manufacture and you can see that. With these shoes or boots you can definitely come out. Italians are known for combining style and functionality in a work shoe like no other and that is clearly reflected in this brand. Not only will these footwear provide optimal protection when you are working, they also look great! You can also wear this shoe outside of work. Grisport's motto “where Protection meets Style” is not just any promise, but a very high standard that is kept true every time.

Extremely strong safety shoes

Grisport is originally a producer of mountain and hiking shoes. The brand has been successfully active in this industry since 1977. With this experience, the brand decided in 2004 to also focus on extremely strong safety shoes. This also not without success. With the technique of mountain hiking, shoes have been developed that are characterized by optimal grip and extremely durable soles. Exactly the things that safety shoes must meet. This quality standard has certainly not changed over the years. In addition, these shoes have an ideal fit, so you can literally use them all day long! The safety shoes provide extra support, so you do not suffer from tired feet. Of course you can not use that when you are working!

Grisport uses the best materials for the work shoes. The Vibram soles have good shock absorption, an anti-slip effect, are lighter and more durable than other soles and have a high reliability. The soles are heat resistant up to 300 degrees Celsius and oil and acid resistant.

In addition, it was decided to provide the work shoes with Sympatex waterproof foils and Cambrelle linings. This makes the work shoes well water resistant and can breathe at the same time. The Grisport work boots and shoes are extra comfortable due to the Heel Support System. This gives the heel extra support. All this ensures that the shoe has an excellent fit on which you can work wonderfully and deliver optimal performance.

Official dealer of Grisport safety shoes

71workx is an official dealer of Grisport safety shoes. The complete range of this brand is available in our webshop. You will find the entire Grisport range at a glance. To make the search a little easier, you can also use handy filters. This makes it easy to find the shoe or boot that suits you. Not only men but also women are at the right place at 71workx. In addition to all men's models from Grisport, we also sell all women's models that the Italian brand has in its range. This includes both low and high models in work shoes, safety shoes, welding shoes and construction shoes.

Grisport loafers

You can also contact us for Grisport loafers. This is very useful if you have work, where you have to put the work shoes on and off a lot (or if you hate lacing). In addition, loafers are highly recommended for people who have slightly wider or relatively narrower feet. After all, loafers close around the foot and shape to the shape of the foot. The top is stretchable, making the shoes also suitable for a slightly higher instep. Grisport loafers are therefore a great solution for people with "more difficult feet".

Putting on a Grisport loafer is now even easier thanks to the pull loop on the front flap. The safety shoes also have a steel toe and a steel safety sole. The front flap is attached to the shoe by means of an elastic. This elastic ensures that the shoes close well around the feet. The rest of the shoe is made of leather and therefore dirt and water resistant. The loafers are available from size 36 to 48 and are therefore also available for women.

Grisport work boots

Grisport work boots can be found in many industries. The excellent fit and the extra support it gives to the feet, makes these boots ideal for construction, industry and logistics. All Grisport work boots are made of high-quality leather and have a waterproof foil for high water resistance. For work boots, take a look at the Grisport range! It must be strange if you will not find a suitable work boot here.

Grisport 803

One of the most popular models of the brand is the Grisport 803. This model is ideal as a work shoe for various purposes. The Grisport 803 has everything you would expect from a safety shoe. It will therefore not surprise you that the shoe meets all European safety standards. Check our page about this model to discover all specifications about it.

Grisport safety shoes

The Grisport safety shoes have passed many tests before they were put on the market. The latest materials and technologies are used to create an optimal combination of safety, comfort, durability and a modern look. As a result, this shoe will offer optimal protection during your work. Take a look at our Grisport safety shoes page to read more about this.

Grisport walking shoes

Even after Grisport started producing work shoes, the brand has never left its original roots. The Grisport hiking shoes are traditionally of excellent quality and an absolute must for hiking, hiking, trekking and travel enthusiasts. Grisport has developed a suitable shoe for every segment. Take a quick look at our page about Grisport walking shoes and discover the real high performance products for your hobby.

Why Grisport safety shoes?

✓ Grisport heel support system

✓ kevlar midsole

✓ breathable steel toe cap

✓ subtle TPU elements

✓ extra reflection strips

✓ excellent price / quality ratio

✓ Safety class S3

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