Gerba Safety Shoes

If you're looking for safe and comfortable safety shoes, you're in the right place with Gerba. This fantastic brand is known for its quality, combining new technologies with a stylish design. This way, you get the right work shoes for your profession. Choose Gerba, your safety is paramount.

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Paredes Jet Low S3 Safety Shoes Gerba 74135047 Black 71workx right
Paredes Amber High S3 Safety Shoes Gerba Black 71workx right
Gerba Berlin Low Safety Shoe S1P Water-Repellent Black 112101 71workx side front
Gerba Springfield Low Safety Shoe S1P 108102 Black 71workx side front
Gerba New Orleans High Safety Shoes S3 116101 Grey 71workx side front
Miami Safety Shoes S3 Gerba Grey 116102 71workx side front
Gerba Working ESD Socks
Gerba Paredes Cheste S1P Sneaker Safety Shoes
Gerba Paredes Suzuka S1P Safety Shoes
Gerba Paredes Camaleon S3 Sneaker Safety Shoes
Gerba Paredes Black Electron SBP Safety Shoes
Gerba Sneaker Next High B S3 Safety Shoes
Gerba Sneaker Next Low B S3 Safety Shoes
Gerba Monarda S3 Safety Shoes
Gerba Detroit S3 Safety Shoes
Gerba Manager S1 Safety Shoes
Gerba Sofia S1P Sneaker Safety Shoes
Gerba Dalvik S1P Sneaker Safety Shoes
Gerba Finley Blue S1P Sneaker Safety Shoes
Gerba Flyer High S3 Safety Shoes
Gerba Flyer Low S3 Safety Shoes
Gerba Solid S3 Safety Shoes
Gerba Blaster S3 Safety Shoes
Gerba Manhattan S3 Sneaker Safety Shoes
Gerba Danae S3 Sneaker Safety Shoes
Gerba Jack S3 Sneaker Safety Shoes
Gerba Orlando S3 Safety Shoes
Gerba Oakland S3 Safety Shoes
Gerba Lagos S3 Safety Shoes
Gerba Houston S3 Safety Shoes

Gerba safety shoes: Safety, comfort, and style in the workplace

Safety in the workplace is crucial, and wearing the right high-quality safety shoes plays an essential role. This Dutch brand has years of experience, and Gerba has been around for over fifty years. They offer a wide range of safe, comfortable, and stylish shoes in a high or low model. Whether you're looking for shoes with a steel toe, slip-resistant soles, or water-resistant material, Gerba has it all. With a broad range of sizes, you are guaranteed a perfect shoe with a good fit. They comply with CE EN ISO 20345 safety standards and are available in safety classes S1, S1p, S2, and S3, each with specific features to meet your needs. Shop today at 71workx and enjoy fast delivery.

Reasons to buy Gerba safety shoes

It's good to know that products from this brand offer more than just safety, discover the reasons:

1. Gerba shoes keep up with the times

They are not only functional but also have a contemporary appearance. And besides having a cool sneaker look, they also have the key features of a good work shoe.

2. Sustainability is a top priority at Gerba

Gerba safety shoes are exceptionally durable and have a long lifespan, saving costs in the long run. These shoes are made of high-quality leather and breathable fabrics that last for years. Gerba's are equipped with advanced technologies, such as reinforced toes and wear-resistant soles, for an extraordinarily long lifespan. In short, an irresistible choice!

3. Metal-free Gerba safety shoes

Metal-free Gerba safety shoes are the ideal choice for those working in environments with metal detectors. They are lightweight, flexible, and offer exceptional protection without compromising on comfort. Experience freedom of movement with Gerba.

4. Safety first

Gerba strives to ensure workplace safety as you would expect from your work shoes. The sturdy safety toe of Gerba work shoes provides superior protection against falling objects. Moreover, with the innovative design, you can rely on your Gerba safety shoes for a safe and stylish workday.

5. Keep your feet dry and comfortable

Gerba shoes are not only waterproof, but also water-repellent. This means they provide resistance to both water penetration and water absorption, keeping your feet dry and comfortable even in the most challenging weather conditions. In short, with Gerba, you're prepared for anything!

6. Prevent painful feet

Gerba safety shoes provide optimal support and help prevent painful feet. With a range of designs and models, Gerba offers the perfect blend of comfort, functionality, and style, resulting in less tired feet and increased productivity in the workplace.

7. No sweaty feet with Gerba safety shoes

Gerba safety shoes are designed with advanced technologies to prevent sweaty feet. With breathable material in the product, it provides optimal ventilation to keep your feet dry and fresh throughout the workday. Choose Gerba and say goodbye to sweaty feet!

8. Brrr, cold days? Keep your feet warm with Gerba!

Gerba safety shoes are reliable partners in winter weather. They keep your feet warm and comfortable, provide excellent grip on slippery surfaces, and are waterproof. Comfort, safety, and warmth during the winter months.

Gerba safety shoes S3

Gerba work shoes with the specific safety standard S3 are the gold standard in safety and comfort. These shoes have features such as a steel toe, anti-penetration sole, and water resistance, making them ideal for heavy work conditions. In addition to S3, there are also standards such as S1, S2, and S1P. Below you will find an excellent example of a Gerba safety shoe with an S3 safety standard.

Gerba Jack S3 safety shoe

This is not just any safety shoe - think of it as a sleek sneaker with superpowers. Water-repellent leather, perfect fit, sturdy toe, energy-absorbing heel, comfy & oil-resistant sole - Jack has it all. It's just one example of the many high models that this brand offers, and it is suitable for both ladies and gentlemen. It complements every outfit and is perfect for various sectors such as logistics, hospitality, services, and transportation. Ready for any challenge with the high-performance Gerba Jack S3!

Gerba shoes and Paredes Footwear

Since 2010, Gerba and Paredes Footwear have been collaborating to create a rugged range of products, specifically for the Benelux region. Their product assortment consists of unique safety shoes with a sporty appearance, optimal safety, comfort, and excellent value for money.

Take care of your Gerba safety shoes

To maximize the lifespan, safety, and performance of your Gerba shoes, proper care is essential. Clean the products regularly with a damp cloth and allow them to dry at room temperature. Store them in a cool, dry place and avoid harsh cleaning agents. Invest in high-quality insoles for extended lifespan and added comfort.

Discover the benefits of Gerba shoes

Our satisfied customers are happy to share the advantages of products from a reliable brand like Gerba. High-quality, protection, and comfort are distinctive features. Customers experience confidence, less fatigue, and foot pain. Explore a wide range of products in various colors at, and easily buy them online. Enjoy good quality, free shipping, fast delivery, discounts, and a 14-day return policy. Not satisfied? Simply return the products.

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