Work vests

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Articles 1-36 of 434

Otis Hoodie with Zipper - Black BK - Herock
Carhartt Work Vest Midweight Full-Zip K122 71workx Black BLK front
Carhartt Work Vest Midweight Full-Zip K122 - Black
Carhartt Work Vest Washed Duck Sherpa-lined 104277 71workx Black BLK front
Carhartt Work Vest Washed Duck Sherpa-Lined 104277 - Black
4512 Work Vest 37.5 Insulated Black 0404 Snickers 71workx front
Herock Donar Bodywarmer
Snickers 2801 Classic Zip Hoodie - Black
Snickers 4250 AllroundWork, Tool Vest - Black
Snickers 4254 Toolvest, Canvas+ - Black
Haen Ruth Body Warmer
Herock Work Vest Tobin Hood 71workx black 21MSW2301BK front
8058 Work Hoodie Fleece Full Zip Black 0400 Snickers 71workx front
Carhartt 102788 Clarksburg Full Zip Hoodie - Black
Carhartt 102788 Clarksburg Full Zip Hoodie - Black
Herock Darius Fleece Jacket
2890 Work Jacket Hybrid Windproof LiteWork Black 0400 Snickers 71workx front
Blåkläder 3363-2526 Hoodie With Zipper - Black
Storvik Fleece Jacket Ramon 71workx 7135 Black front
Snickers 4548 AllroundWork, Winter Vest - Black
8059 Work Jacket Fleece Full Zip Black 0400 Snickers 71workx front
Carhartt 104224 Women’s Washed Duck Sherpa Lined Mock Neck Vest
104224 Women's Mock Neck Vest Sherpa Lined - Carhartt
2838 High Vis Work Hoodie Zip Class 1 Black Yellow 0466 Snickers 71workx front
3540-2526 Work Vest with zipper - Blåkläder
8044 Work Hoodie Midlayer Full Zip Black 0404 Snickers 71workx front
Snickers 4230 AllroundWork, High-Vis Toolvest, Class 1
2895 Work Hoodie Logo with Zipper Snickers Black 0400 71workx front
8018 Work Jacket Pile FlexiWork - Snickers
8038 High Vis Work Hoodie Full Zip Class 1 Black Yellow 0466 Snickers 71workx front
9153 High Vis Vest Class 2 - Snickers
Blåkläder Work Vest High Vis Women's 3505 Black High Vis Yellow 9933 71workx Front
Blåkläder Work Vest Pilé 4729 Black 9900 71workx Front
Herock Work Vest Collar Otar 71workx Black 23MSW2301BK front
Snickers 2886 AllroundWork, Full Zip Sweatshirt Jacket - Black
Snickers 8039 AllroundWork, High-Vis Hoodie Zipper, Class 2/3 - High Vis Yellow
2834 High Vis Work Jacket Zip Class 1 Black Yellow 0466 Snickers 71workx front
2846 Snickers Work Hoodie Logo Full-Zip 71workx Black 0400 front
2877 Women's Work Hoodie Full-Zip Logo Snickers Black 0400 71workx front
35511158 High Vis Work Vest Class 1 Black Yellow 9933 Blåkläder 71workx front

The trendy work vests from 71WorkX

Even for the unstable climate of the low countries, the right work clothing is available for professionals. Just look at the trendy work vests from 71WorkX. These are not only very functional in dubious weather conditions, but they are also great for the day! The top brands in our range know how to combine style and functionality with each other and thus fully fit into our range and our slogan: 71WorkX, where workwear meets style.

There are days in the Netherlands when you don't know what to wear when you start working. It is too fresh to take off without a jacket, but too warm to start work packed. A work vest is an excellent option. It offers protection against the cold and rain but is not so warm that you are already dirty and sweaty before you start the job. With a body warmer from one of our top brands, you will always look well-groomed. No professional would want anything else?

A work vest that meets your requirements

You choose your work clothes according to the circumstances in which you are working. After all, every working environment has its own very specific requirements. Work clothing must be functional to be able to work in it and to look representative. Of course you want to have a certain appearance. 71WorkX has a suitable work vest in the webshop for every specific requirement or wish (think of wind and / or waterproof, breathable, insulated, etc.). We are the official dealer of many A-brands in this industry and therefore have a lot of choice in top quality workwear.

Work vests

The most appealing brands have work vests in the collection. Think of brands such as Snickers Workwear, Carhartt, Herock, Blåkläder and Størvik. These work vests are all of a very high quality that have been tested in practice before they are put on the market. Which work vest you can choose best depends on your specific wishes. A bad work vest is not there!

Work vests with optimal wearing comfort

In order to deliver optimal performance, your work clothes must of course be perfect. Nothing is more annoying than work clothes that just get in the way. Snickers Workwear is known for designs with an ergonomic cut. This guarantees a natural working posture and maximum freedom of movement. The brand has work vests with extra protection for the lower back and models that feature a plush lined soft collar and smooth quilt lining for optimal insulation in winter.

Work vests resistant to cold conditions

Carhartt is known as a brand that has very strong workwear that can withstand winter conditions. This is no different with the work vests of this brand. These garments are very strong due to the three-seam stitched main seams. In addition, there are models with Nylon liners that are quilted with 100 gram 3M ™ Thinsulate ™ Insulation or feature the old known (but still very functional) Duck fabric. This way you can also use it in winter. Given that nylon is processed with the self-developed Rain Defender®, you can count on a durable water repellency. The work vests are also great in rainy periods. Take a look at our size chart before you order body warmers of this brand, they are quite large.

Do vests work men or do vests women work?

A work vest doesn't have to be just a piece of clothing worn by men. You also have work vests for women. Herock has various men's models, but also models for the modern professional. The Diana work vest for women is tailored to the female posture and ensures that not only the professional looks good in the workplace, but also the professional woman looks fashionable. Herock for granted Sherock is known for being very strong clothing that can withstand extreme conditions. With our handy table, you can easily determine the size of this company clothing.

Inexpensive work vest

The Størvik brand has very affordable work vests in the collection. An affordable work vest, does not necessarily have to be bad or of much lesser quality. 71WorkX selects all brands for functionality, quality and appearance and this brand meets this perfectly. Størvik workwear is synonymous with comfortable, trendy, durable and affordable workwear designed for every budget. It is a very high quality product that is often chosen by companies that have employees in the field. The body warmers are made of waterproof and breathable material, designed for optimal freedom of movement.

Tool vest or body warmer?

A tool vest is a very functional body warmer with endless possibilities to store your tools. You can see this as an alternative to a body warmer. Many tool vests can therefore be worn on your jacket. You always have your tools with you when you need them and you never have to search again. Snickers Workwear and Herock, among others, have such a handy tool vest.

Order work vests

You can view and order the work vests in the 71WorkX webshop. We ensure a fast and correct delivery. If you have any questions about this, or if you need personal advice, you can always contact us. We are happy to help you.

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