Do you have a complaint or do you disagree with something? We are happy to work with you to find the best solution or the right answer. We always strive for the best service and think it is important to listen to you.

We recommend that you inspect the delivered products immediately after receipt. If you have a complaint as a result of a delivered product, the delivery, the ordering process or otherwise, you can make this known to us. 

We prefer to receive your complaint by e-mail at: [email protected] We will respond to your complaint as soon as possible, but no later than 14 days after receipt.

Please state the number of the order and your contact details and describe as clearly as possible the nature of the complaint and the possible cause of the complaint.

Damage? Always send the invoice number and photos of the damage that can be attributed to a wrong delivery. 

Our staff are happy to speak to you and will try to resolve your complaint satisfactorily.

I have a complaint, but I don't agree with you. What next?

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