Carhartt topwear:

Have you not ordered a product from the Carhartt brand before? Then keep the following in mind:

Carhartt outerwear (t-shirts / sweaters / jackets) is one size larger than you are used to from your normal EU size casual wear. For example, if you normally wear size M, we would recommend size S for the Carhartt brand from our experience.

An exception to this rule are the Carhartt Bodywarmers, which you can order in your normal size.

Herock work trousers:

If you have no experience with the Herock brand yet, pay attention now: Herock has a different size than we are normally used to from NL dimensions

Example: You wear size 48 and would like to order Herock pants in this size, the Herock pants size 48 is comparable to the NL size 54!

To make sure you order the right size, we have a convenient way for you to determine the right Herock pants size:

Take one of your own well-fitting pants and place them with the button and zipper closed on a flat surface. Then pull the waistband tight (in width). Now measure the waistband from left to right. The number of centimeters is your Herock pants size.

Please note: this only applies to Herock pants!

Snickers work trousers:

Explanation of pants dimensions

For men:

3 Series ”these are the trousers whose SKU starts with a“ 3 ”

Size range:  42 - 62    = normal leg length

Size range:  84 - 120  = short leg length

Size range: 144 - 164 = long leg length

Size range: 184 - 204 = extra short leg length

Size range: 248 - 256 = extra long leg length

6 Series ”these are the trousers whose SKU starts with a“ 6 ”


If you normally wear trousers from Snickers from the 3-series, choose the trousers from the 6-series one size larger, for example: You normally wear size 42 for 3-series pants, then you choose size 44 for 6-series pants.

Size range:  44 - 64     = normal leg length

Size range: 88 - 124    = short leg length

Size range: 146 - 162  = long leg length

Size range: 192 - 212  = extra short leg length

Size range: 250 - 258  = extra long leg length

For women:

The difference of sizes of the 3-series and 6-series for women are the same as for men.

Size range: 18 - 22  = short leg length

Size range: 32 - 54  = normal leg length

Size range: 76 - 92  = extra long leg length