Ordering process 

Step 1: Look up an article 

Search within a product group

At the top of your display, you'll see horizontally the seven product groups 71WorkX.com. By hovering over a desired product group, you open a tab that includes the subcategories that belong to it. By clicking directly on the category, the product group page opens. 

Quick search

You can quickly find a product by typing in the name of the product you're looking for in the search bar, and then clicking "Search." For example, type in the word "toolbox" to find all toolboxes sold in the web store. After clicking 'Search', all products that fit the keyword are displayed on the screen. 

Step 2: Add and view an item in my shopping basket 

If you have found an item you want to purchase, you can place it in your virtual shopping basket. You do this by clicking 'add to basket'. Please note that you also indicate the desired number if you wish to order more than one copy of the item in question. 

By clicking 'My Cart' in the top right corner, you will end up in your virtual shopping basket. Here's an overview of the items that are in your shopping cart. At this time you can continue shopping in our webshop or complete your order. Before you go any further, you can take advantage of the opportunity to get a shipping quote. If you have a discount code, fill it out here. Only one code can be used per order. 

All prices on our website include VAT and exclude shipping costs. 

You then click 'Continue to the Cash Register'. You then move on to the next step, entering your data. 

Step 3: Your personal information

In the customer data tab, fill in your personal information (if you are a new customer). As an existing customer, your data will automatically appear after logging in. You also have the option to check out as a Guest You can choose to give a company name if you order on behalf of a company. It is also possible to fill in a different delivery address. 

On the left side of the screen, you can check whether the order can be sent to your address or other address. If you have filled everything in correctly, click 'Payment Method'. You then come into the next step, choosing a payment method. 

Step 4: Payment method

You choose your payment method here. For a detailed description of the payment methods, please refer to the heading 'Payment Options' later in this letter.

Step 5: Order Overview

In this step you have the opportunity to check everything properly. If you want to change something, go to the previous step by clicking change to the right of the display. If the data is correct and you agree to the terms and conditions, click 'Place order'.

Step 6: Pay

The final step in the ordering process is to pay for your order. You can read exactly how this works under the heading payment options in this letter.

Step 7: Order Confirmation

Your order has been placed. On the screen you will see an overview of your order. You will also receive an order confirmation by e-mail at this time. You can print the attachment on the screen by clicking 'Print'. If you wish to continue shopping, click on 'Back to the webshop'.

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