Sika Footwear

Sika Footwear is a Danish company that was founded in 1870. The family business (of the Engelbredt family) pursues a clear goal: manufacturing shoes, boots and clogs that suit both the (feet of the) user and the job that needs to be carried out. Aided by the very long experience and excellent professional knowledge gained during that period, the brand knows exactly what is needed for this.

In addition, there is of course also great importance to the opinion of the wearer of the work shoes, work boots and work clogs. After all, these are the users of Sika footwear. They can indicate in which area the brand can improve and raise the bar even higher for themselves.

Sika work clogs

There are many industries in which work is done on clogs. Think of the agricultural sector, the transport sector or the care sector. The condition for wearing clogs is of course that they are of good quality and have a pleasant fit. If you choose Sika work clogs, you don't have to worry in that area. The clogs of this brand are an excellent alternative to the well-known wooden variants.

Not only we Dutch are good at making clogs, but they have also mastered this technique in Scandinavia! Just look at the work clogs from the Sika brand. This brand comes from the Danish Herning. Sika Footwear is fully specialized in designing, developing and producing for the professional who sets requirements for his or her footwear. It does not matter whether you are a nurse, behind the wheel of a truck or working in (agricultural) construction.

71WorkX for Sika work clogs, work shoes and work boots

If you know that we at 71WorkX select our range based on factors such as quality, functionality, ease of use and pricing, you will not be surprised that we have included Sika's work clogs, work shoes and work boots. We are therefore one of the official Dutch dealers of this top brand.

You can contact us for the entire collection in Sika work clogs, work shoes and work boots and all newly released models will be the first to be found here. You can choose from safety clogs (S2-S3 with over nose) and non-safety clogs. You also see that a distinction has been made in various series, such as the Sika Comfort Series or the Sika Flex Series. Sika has the right work clog available for every wish or situation.

Can we help you make your choice? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our customer service representatives are happy to give you personal advice. Of course you can also contact us with all your questions or if you cannot find a specific product!

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