Solid Gear

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Solid Gear Safety Boots S7S Guardian GTX AG High 71workx SG51008 side right
Solid Gear Safety Boots S7S Revolution 2 GTX High 71workx SG76013 side right
Solid Gear Safety Boots S7S Guardian GTX AG Mid 71workx SG51007 Side Right
Bravo 2 GTX EG Safety Shoe S7S SG75008 Solid Gear Black Orange 71workx right
Vapor 3 Air Safety Shoe S1PS SG80016 Solid Gear Black Yellow 71workx right
Vapor 3 Low Safety Shoe S3S SG80013 Solid Gear Black Orange 71workx right
Stream Safety Shoe S1PS SG61013 Solid Gear Black 71workx front
Vapor 3 Low Safety Shoe S3S SG80017 Solid Gear 71workx right
Sock Light Performance Low 2-pack SG30017 Solid Gear Yellow Green 71workx set
Venture 2 Low Safety Shoe S3S SG76012 Solid Gear Black Green 71workx right side
Organotex® Waterproofing Spray SG20043 300 ml - Solid Gear 71workx front
Prime GTX Low Safety Shoe S3 SG80011 Black Green Solid Gear 71workx right
Vent 2 Low Safety Shoe S1P SG76011 Black Green Solid Gear 71workx right
SG76010 Revolution 2 GTX Work Shoes S3 Solid Gear 71Workx 1
Talus GTX High Work Boots S3 - Solid Gear
Talus GTX Mid Safety Shoes S3 - Solid Gear
Talus GTX Low Safety Shoes S3 - Solid Gear
Dynamo GTX safety Shoes O2 - Solid Gear
Dynamo Safety Shoes Shoes O1 - Solid Gear
Insole OPF High - Solid Gear
Insole OPF Mid - Solid Gear
OPF Insole Low - Solid Gear
Nautilus Safety Shoes S3 - Solid Gear
Sea Safety Shoes S3 - Solid Gear
Revolution 2 GTX Safety Shoes S3 - Solid Gear
Grit Safety Shoes - Solid Gear
Prime GTX Mid Safety Shoes S3 - Solid Gear
SG80123 Haze Tellus Work Boots - Solid Gear
Solid Gear Slide Moon flip flops
Solid Gear Walker 2.0 O1
Solid Gear Onyx Mid S3
Solid Gear Onyx Low S3
Solid Gear Oasis S3
Solid Gear Reckon S3
Solid Gear Shore S3
Solid Gear Venture S3

Solid Gear for sporty work shoes of excellent quality

Solid Gear is part of the Hultafors Group. Actually, this indicates exactly what you can expect from this shoe: an excellent quality that you can rely on when you work hard. The brand fits perfectly in our collection, partly because this shoe has a nice sporty look. In other words, “workwear meets style”.

71WorkX is the official dealer of Solid Gear. In our webshop you can find the complete collection of work shoes of this brand. We have all the latest models of the brand available to you. The brand has a suitable shoe, literally and figuratively, for every objective.

The Solid Gear shoes can therefore be used for other versatile intensive goals, such as trekking and other tough sporting challenges. On this basis, the brand's shoes are divided into three categories, namely the Trekking, Tough and Athletic line. We also have a wide choice of matching socks from this brand, which are of course also of excellent quality.

Trekking shoes from Solid Gear

With trekking shoes you can think of shoes like the Vapor, the Polar GTX, the Hydra GTX and the Phoenix GTX. The shoes are not only excellent for hiking, but also for working up. These shoes have a rubber sole, which combines with a large shaper. The rigid material is placed between the bottom of the footbed and the sole. This provides excellent support for the arch of the foot and proper bending.

As a result, you will experience extreme stability when you wear the trekking shoes from Solid Gear. This stability can be of great value if you work a lot on uneven ground or are often on narrow steps. The shoe will correct many of your movements and thus relieve your joints. With these shoes you will therefore be less likely to tire.

The Tough Line from Solid Gear

As the name implies, the Tough Line from Solid Gear is ideal for professionals who place high demands on their shoes. Shoes with significant names like the Sparta, Atlas, Falcon and Griffin are included. The shoes are distinguished by the Vibram TPU sole with a characteristic zigzag profile. As a result, you will not slip so quickly on a smooth surface and you can reduce the risk of industrial accidents. This anti-slip profile retains its functionality even in very cold conditions. Even at temperatures of 30 degrees below zero, such as in cold stores and freezers, you can rely on your shoes.

In addition to this perfect feature, these shoes are of an excellent (tough) quality. The Sparta and Atlas are completely made of leather and are therefore very suitable to wear during very harsh conditions. If you are looking for a shoe with excellent breathability, we can advise you the Falcon and Griffin. These are made of leather in combination with Cordura. With the Tough models, a lot of attention has been paid to the shaper to ensure good stability and firmness of the shoe. The shoe is therefore multifunctional and has excellent wearing comfort.

Lightweight Athletic shoes from Solid Gear

The shoes from the Athletic line of Solid Gear use textile instead of leather. The advantage of this is that these shoes are not only much lighter in weight, but also breathe very well. These shoes also do not contain a shaper, which gives the shoes a very flexible character. The midsole, which uses EVA, is also supple and soft, giving the shoe a comfortable footbed.

As you can tell from this, the lightweight Athletic shoes from Solid Gear are excellent for working on flat surfaces and if you have to walk a lot during work, like a postman does. If you are looking for these shoes, the Cloud, Pacific and the Lagoon are excellent candidates. The last mentioned model is incidentally a ladies model that has been specially developed for a ladies last. We also have an extensive collection of work clothing and work shoes for our craftsmen.

High quality work socks from Solid Gear

In addition to work shoes, your work socks are also very important. Work socks that are not of the right quality, or a bad fit, can not only be very disturbing, but also cause foot complaints. Solid Gear has a wide range of high-quality work socks. From high, nice thick winter socks to high thin summer socks, you can go to this brand. In addition, Solid Gear can provide you with summer socks in a lower model.

The summer socks are knitted in channels for maximum ventilation. The socks are made of Microlon. This is a soft material that repels moisture and odors. By wearing these socks, you reduce the chance of blisters and calluses. The winter socks are made of the moisture-regulating Merino wool. The extra lining in the sole of the foot provides excellent insulation and comfort. This makes these socks ideal for working in cold conditions, without you suffering from cold feet. The socks have an excellent fit (there is even a distinction between the left and right foot) with a wide cuff.

Personal advice on work shoes from Solid Gear

As you read, you can literally go in all directions with the shoes from Solid Gear. The brand has combined functionality, quality and appearance in an excellent way. Feel free to look around in our webshop to make your choice. Do you have questions or need personal advice about which shoes are best for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our skilled employees are happy to help you.

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