Dunderdon workwear for stylish functionality and quality

Dunderdon is an innovative workwear brand, which guarantees stylish functionality combined with quality. The brand has a very versatile range of workwear with which you can look great. In this respect, the brand fits perfectly with 71WorkX, where workwear meets style.

You can dress fully with Dunderdon clothing. From work trousers to boxer shorts and from sweaters to linen shirts, the Swedish brand has it. The clothing is known for superior functionality, which is combined in a refined way with excellent quality. The designs are timeless, which gives a perfect look to the clothing. The clothing has an excellent fit and style. You always look trendy with Dunderdon clothing. There are many people who absolutely love the brand.

Dunderdon Workwear part of the Hultafors group

If we indicate that Dunderdon Workwear (like Snickers, among others) is part of the Hultafors group, you already know enough. The brand has high standards in aspects such as quality, innovation and wearing comfort. Since its foundation in 1997, this company has paid a lot of attention to innovation in the range, which therefore exudes absolute craftsmanship. No concessions are made in this way in the style of the clothing. The clothing is fully attuned to the wishes of the professional, in which branch it works. This results in an extensive range with a versatile choice.

Official dealer of Dunderdon Workwear

71WorkX is an official dealer of this top Swedish brand. This means that we have the full range of the brand for you in our webshop. If you don't find it here, you won't find it anywhere. In addition, all the new workwear that the brand will bring to the market in the future will also be the first to be found here. We can still expect a lot from this brand in this regard. The brand is constantly innovating and further improving their range. The philosophy of the brand is certainly in line with this:

"We respect the past, but we don't rely on it."

Dunderdon work jackets and work gilets

If you are looking for a functional work jacket or body warmer, Dunderdon is the place to be. The brand has released work jackets in various styles in various appealing styles, including a stretch jacket, a wool coat or a sweater jacket. The jackets are made of a strong and durable fabric and are provided with YKK zippers. The pockets are integrated in the work jackets in such a way that they are very functional when you are working. The same applies to the Dunderdon work gilets. Also in this range you have the option to choose a body warmer made of comfortable stretch fabric. If you work a lot outside, the Condura model is a good choice, due to the windproof properties. In this context, it is also good to mention that Dunderdon also has delicious ice caps, which you can order from us.

Versatile choice in Dunderdon work trousers

You also have a very versatile choice in Dunderdon work trousers. The brand has suitable and functional work trousers with a beautiful appearance for every purpose. This includes highly functional carpenter's trousers, handy zip-off trousers and denim-style work trousers. For the beautiful summer day we have handy shorts available for you. The trousers and shorts have an excellent fit to do your work in a pleasant way. In addition to the work trousers of this top brand, we also have the corresponding accessories such as Dunderdon belts in our range.

Work outerwear from Dunderdon

Dunderdon also has many options in outerwear. You can come to this brand for handy sweaters, sweaters, hoodies and T-shirts with long and short sleeves. Dunderdon is the right choice for every user objective. In addition, the brand also has stylish shirts in the collection. These stylish shirts have a timeless but sporty look so you will appear neatly at your appointment.

Dunderdon (thermo) underwear

Finally, you want to point out Dunderdon's underwear. As we mentioned earlier above, you can dress fully with clothes from the Swedish brand. Dunderdon has wonderful thermal underwear to keep your upper and lower body warm when you are working in cold conditions. You can also choose Dunderdon boxer shorts for everyday use.

Personal advice on the Dunderdon collection

Feel free to look around in our webshop for the Dunderdon range. You will undoubtedly be able to choose from the versatile collection of this brand. If you are unsure which is the best choice for you, please do not hesitate to contact us for personal advice. We are happy to look with you to determine what is the best option for you.

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