Hüsta clogs

Hüsta clogs

There are people who do not want to work on any other footwear than clogs. If you are one of these people, you should get acquainted with the wooden shoes of Hüsta. The clogs of this brand are truly fantastic clogs of excellent quality. If you've ever worn these clogs, you definitely don't want anything else! For that reason alone, Hüsta clogs fit perfectly into the 71WorkX range.

Work clogs from Sweden

We Dutch really see our country as a 'wooden shoe country', but in Sweden they can also do something about it! If you are looking for clogs, work clogs from Sweden are always a good choice. Practice proves the previous statement. This Scandinavian country has several appealing clog manufacturers and you see that many people who work there in agriculture and fishing often wear work clogs. That is easy to explain: a clog is comfortable and can take a beating.

Also in the Netherlands you see a lot of people working on this footwear. There are branches where you walk best on work clogs. You can actually see clogs as a particularly sturdy work shoe where you can easily get in and out. Comfort and convenience are sublimely combined with this. In addition, clogs can be seen as timeless footwear. Have you ever seen old-fashioned clogs?

Hüsta work clogs

Although you may not realize it at times, you cover entire distances on the clogs. It is therefore very important that the clogs have a good fit and are comfortable. Hüsta clogs fully comply with this. These clogs are ideal for a variety of applications. You can wear these clogs when you are working, but also in and around the house in your free time. So these clogs always fit!

Why choose Hüsta work clogs?

As you know, we select our range based on factors such as quality and wearing comfort. Hüsta work clogs fully fit this picture. Hüstais one of the leading brands in work clogs. This brand guarantees an excellent combination of quality and comfort and has proven itself for a long time! Hüsta Clogs falls under the banner of the well-known company Allshoes, which is the Dutch provider of several attractive brands in workwear that you will find on our website.

Which Hüsta work clog suits you?

Hüsta is distinctive in simplicity. The brand offers excellent quality, has a fair fair pricing and makes it easy for you to choose. You can choose the 500 model with a closed clog (so with heel) and the 501 model, a work clog with an open heel. Both models feature an upper and a leather lining. The wooden insole embodies the real “clog feeling”. The PU (polyurethane) outsole is durable, slip-resistant and anti-static. As you can see, Hüsta just makes it easy for you. It doesn't have to be more complicated in our opinion! The work clogs are available in sizes 40 ™ 47.

Hüsta work clogs from 71WorkX

71WorkX is an official Hüsta dealer and can supply your clogs within a short timeframe. Do you have any questions about Hüsta's offer or can we help you with personal advice? Feel free to contact our customer service. We are happy to help you.

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