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Maxguard Safety Footwear

Maxguard Safety Footwear

MAXGUARD work shoes, German craftsmanship of the highest quality

If you have to stand a long time during your work or have to walk a lot, you want to be able to rely on your footwear. Good work shoes are of the utmost importance to prevent physical complaints. If you are looking for a work shoe of the highest quality, MAXGUARD work shoes are certainly eligible. This brand embodies German craftsmanship.

MAXGUARD proves that a good safety shoe does not have to come from far at all. This brand distinguishes itself through quality and craftsmanship. Of course, the work shoes comply with all safety regulations, but this mark sees these regulations as a minimum requirement that must be surpassed as far as possible. At MAXGUARD, only the best is good enough and the company sees it as an objective to also exceed that standard. This is reflected in all production processes.

Craftsmanship in the development and production of a MAXGUARD work shoe

MAXGUARD sets itself very high standards and to meet these standards or even exceed this standard, the brand works together with the best designers, shoe technicians and production facilities. The design and development of the work shoes are entirely provided by the brand itself, in collaboration with award winning design studios. The needs in practice are of course included in the design of the shoe. The choice for the materials that are used comply with very strict quality guidelines.

MAXGUARD work shoes are fully manufactured and produced in the most modern production locations in Germany. This involves the use of advanced technological equipment. All processes are monitored by experienced shoe technicians. You would almost not believe that a part of the shoe is made by hand, that is true! The upper part of the shoe is manual work.

Technology of MAXGUARD work shoes

MAXGUARD work shoes are equipped with many advanced technologies. All models are equipped with the latest MAXGUARD innovations so that you can use this shoe for any specific work environment. The MAXGUARD shoes have an all-round protection thanks to the MAX-Roof, a special rubber sole or are equipped with the MAX-3fit®-System. This is a modular insole with multiple widths, which adapts individually to your foot and offers optimal walking comfort.

MAXGUARD also has shoes with the innovative SYMPATEX® membrane. This keeps you dry feet when you work outside in wet conditions. The new MAXGUARD models are equipped with the best of SYMPATEX® - the innovative Moisture-Tech® technology. The SYMPATEX® membrane is 100% waterproof, windproof and breathable.

MAXGUARD has work shoes that have a higher model but also lower sneaker models. These models have a sporty look but are equipped with a nose protection of the high quality material aluminum. This is just as safe as a steel cap, but 40% lighter. The Gordon model is made of smooth, full grain cow leather. It is a work shoe with a very neat appearance that fully meets your (safety) requirements.

MAXGUARD work shoes trendy and safe

You can fully trust MAXGUARD work shoes. Because of the above technologies that are incorporated in the shoes, they offer you optimal comfort. You can walk comfortably throughout the day while protecting your shoes against all possible dangers on and around the workplace. You feel that high demands have been placed on the development and production of these shoes. This fits perfectly with the high demands you place on yourself as a true professional. You have to be able to rely on your work clothes and your equipment and that is possible if you opt for MAXGUARD work shoes.

In addition, MAXGUARD proves that trendy and safe can also go together excellently. The shoes are not only functional but also have a nice, sturdy look. This fits perfectly with the motto of 71WorkX: where workwear meets style. We are therefore proud that we are an official dealer of MAXGUARD. You can find the full range of this German top brand in our webshop. You can find all the latest models here first. The shoes of this brand are available in sizes 35 ™ 47. Do you have any questions or need personal advice? Please contact us. Discover here German craftsmanship of the highest quality in work shoes.

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