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Toe Guard work shoes and boots

Toe Guard was founded to provide excellent work shoes and work boots for professional users, in timeless designs without compromising on safety. The working conditions, hazards and risks to which our end users are exposed are the starting point when developing new products.

Toe Guard offers a wide variety of safety shoes, with many different models for both men and women.

Safety without compromise

Toe Guard safety shoes are designed to provide ultimate performance and protection. High durability and classic timeless designs, while safety is always the first priority.

Safety footwear is a product category that must meet the European guidelines for personal protective equipment. At Toe Guard this means that all product development starts with the end user in mind. Toe Guard designs every shoe and boot to meet European standards for durability, comfort and protection.

Product offer

In the wide range of Teen Guard shoes you will find safety shoes and boots that suit different climates and weather conditions. Insulated winter boots to keep your feet warm and safe, as well as ventilated safety sandals for warm conditions. High safety boots and low work shoes with a sporty look.

Toe protection

A fiberglass toe cap is lighter and safer than traditional steel toe caps. In addition, it features a multi-layered technology that provides a roomier fit and a sporty look. Glass fiber is a non-conductive and metal-free material. CE Fiberglass nose is certified according to the EU standard safety regulations.


Toe Guard's new composite plates are made of technical fibers and are lighter and thinner but still stronger than their predecessors. The new design provides extra comfort and improved flexibility. The composite plates are certified according to the EU standard safety regulations.

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