Corporate Social Responsibility


We believe we can help our customers deliver exceptional job performance by ensuring they have the right equipment. Because good tools are half the battle.


Create change

We want to do this in a way that takes people, the environment and society into account. The way we do business at 71WorkX is just as important as the products and services we provide. With our company we want to actively contribute to a liveable and safe society, by taking responsibility for the consequences of our activities and decisions for people, the environment and society. This is so important to us that we see it as a core value of our company. For us, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is synonymous with "Create Change".


71WorkX and CSR

At 71WorkX, we strive for an optimal balance between a healthy business return, a better environment and the well-being of our employees and society. In concrete terms, corporate social responsibility means the following to us:


  • we treat our employees, customers and environment in a respectful and ethical manner
  • we respect legislation, regulations and generally applicable standards and values
  • we care about the needs of our customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders
  • we are clear and open in our communication
  • social responsibility, integrity and passion for service are basic values of 71WorkX


  • we offer innovation and sustainable concepts
  • we search for our customers for the best available solutions that can be realized at a reasonable cost


  • we do our utmost to minimize the burden on the environment
  • that is why we take energy-saving measures, such as installing insulation and energy-efficient materials, equipment and lighting in our company
  • we also pay attention to reducing paper use, waste separation and reducing the amount of waste
  • we also try to reduce our fuel consumption and we use less environmentally harmful company cars