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Handy accessories for the work clothes

A craftsman or professional woman not only ensures that his or her work clothes are in perfect order, but also pays attention to handy accessories for the work clothes. After all, these handy attributes will make the job even easier. 71WorkX has a lot of accessories for the real craftsmen in the webshop. These items are of absolute top quality so that you are assured of the right material.

To deliver top performance during your work, you must be able to rely on your work clothes. That is also possible, provided you make the right choices. You can go to 71WorkX for the best workwear. After all, we have workwear from the absolute top brands from the industry in our webshop. We are the official dealer of many appealing top brands and have the latest collection of these brands available to you.

Workwear accessories to complement your work kit

However, there are situations where you need just a little bit more than your work clothes. This is not because your work clothes are not of the right quality, but because the specific circumstances require this. For this we have handy workwear accessories to complement your workwear in our webshop.

These accessories are from the same top brands as where our high quality workwear comes from. You can think of brands such as Carhartt, Dunderdon, Snickers Workwear and Solid Gear. The accessories have also been tested in practical situations on the work floor, so you don't have to have any doubts about the quality.

As you are used to from 71WorkX, the accessories also excel in functionality and appearance. We attach great importance to both matters, because our motto is not without reason where workwear meets style.

A selection from our range of handy work accessories

You will understand that our range of work accessories is too extensive to name all products specifically, please refer to our product pages for this. Before you do this, we would like to point out some very useful work accessories. After all, we can help you with handy suspenders, beautiful warm hats and comfortable fitting caps, but we also have a large number of accessories that you will cherish if you have them and will certainly miss if you do not have them.

Best quality work gloves

Think about a good pair of work gloves. You can buy work gloves in various places, but the quality varies greatly. The best quality work gloves require Snickers Workwear gloves. These gloves fit perfectly on your hand and are equipped with a silicone gel padding for precision work. In addition, the work gloves have an optimized tool grip. The gloves have a ventilating, durable Chamude® palm with ventilation holes and an elastic part for excellent comfort and freedom of movement. Thanks to a tight Airprene cuff with Velcro closure, the gloves stay in place perfectly.

Knee pads for optimal protection

In addition to the protection for your hands, knee pads are in some cases very pleasant. You can also go to Snickers Workwear for knee pads for optimal protection. You can choose from floor layers or knee pads that can be attached to your work trousers. Whichever knee protection you choose, these work accessories are extremely durable, have an ergonomic design and provide good comfort through good ventilation.

The most convenient tool belt

If you are busy at work, you would like to work efficiently. We have the most convenient tool belts for you in our webshop. With a tool belt you always have your tools within reach to keep going. We have a wide range in these handy accessories, suitable for all professional groups. You can make your tool belt as extensive as you want. Are you looking for a tool belt made from the traditional Duck fabric? Then be sure to check out the Carhartt range. This brand also has more functional work clothes made of this fabric. It goes without saying that we also have high quality “normal” working belts in our range.

Waterproof work bag, backpack or phone holder

Finally, in this overview we would like to point out our waterproof storage options. The weather is not always in charge in this climate and if you work a lot outside, you would like that not only you, but also your belongings come across dry when it rains. In addition to functional work rain gear for yourself, we also have a waterproof work bag, backpack and phone holder for you in our range. This is nice to come across as completely dry.

Looking for handy accessories for the work clothes

As you can see, these work accessories will be an absolute addition to your work equipment. These accessories will not only make you work more pleasant, but also provide a bit of safety during your work.

If you are looking for handy accessories for your work clothes that you cannot find, please contact us. We may be able to help you. You can always contact us for questions or personal advice.

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