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Ballyclare Workwear, unsurpassed homegrown quality

If you are looking for trendy workwear that is of excellent quality, you literally do not have to look far. Ballyclare Workwear offers unsurpassed homegrown quality. Ballyclare produces workwear that offers functionality and safety and breathes style and comfort. This fits in perfectly with the 71WorkX motto: “Where workwear meets style”. A perfect match!

Ballyclare, formerly known as Orcon Workwear, is located in Doetinchem The Netherlands. Here, a balanced team of experienced professionals work together to produce high-quality workwear. Experienced designers, pattern makers and seamstresses work out the most beautiful ideas together to test and produce them. Ballyclare has various production locations all over the world, each with its own specialization and focus on a specific market. This results in a high-quality line in workwear that is the perfect match for every professional. Ballyclare's clothing is in no way inferior to any other brand of workwear.

Trust the experience of the people behind Ballyclare workwear

Did you know that Ballyclare has been a manufacturer of innovative workwear that meets the highest requirements for more than 100 years? The brand has been successfully active in this industry since 1913. You can therefore rely on the experience of the people behind Ballyclare workwear. This clothing stands out in various areas. Ballyclare workwear is durable, has a good fit, has ergonomic pockets and various other essential details.

The clothing is unique in design and has a trendy and above all sturdy look. Ballyclare Workwear is suitable for both professionals and craftsmen. The saying goes at Ballyclare Workwear: Clothing makes the man, but certainly also the woman, and is a personal touch for everyone. This is clearly reflected in the clothing.

Ballyclare company clothing for every industry

Ballyclare has launched various clothing lines. In the Ballyclare® CAPTURE collection, all requirements of the craftsman or professional woman are combined in a sophisticated way. In this collection a nice mix of style, comfort, functionality and safety has been found.

If you choose workwear from the Ballyclare® Classics line, you choose top quality. Here you will also find an extensive line of protective workwear that meets European safety standards. This line offers versatile options. Many professionals do recognize the well-known Ballyclare® Classics D15 line with its characteristic design in polyester / cotton. In addition, you can choose a line with workwear made of cotton & satin for extra wearing comfort and you can opt for the famous dust coats.

Basic may sound simple and standard, but of course it is not if your standards are very high! Just look at the Ballyclare® Basics line. This line is “just” of excellent quality as you would expect from Ballyclare. Ballyclare® Basics are industrially washable.

If you read this, you can safely conclude that Ballyclare clothing is suitable to wear in any industry and under any circumstances. Whether you are working in the car industry, construction, landscaping, installation technology or whether you are a painter or plasterer, Ballyclare company clothing is suitable for you.

Workwear for the food and food industry

In the above list of branches, one branch was missing and that is the food and food industry. There are few workwear manufacturers that specifically target this industry. Ballyclare is an exception to this. That is a good thing, because this branch in particular has many guidelines that you must meet. The Ballyclare® Food collection meets all requirements to meet HACCP guidelines within the food and food industry.

The brand has a number of categories within this line. The division into low, medium and high care offers opportunities to select the right clothing for the specific business processes. Naturally, this work clothing from Ballyclare is also suitable for frequent industrial cleaning. If you are looking for workwear for the food and food industry, you should definitely check out Ballyclare workwear. You will certainly succeed.

The versatile range of Ballyclare Workwear

Ballyclare Workwear offers a versatile range that allows you to dress from head to toe. Be sure to look at the collection of this brand if you are looking for work jackets, work trousers, sweaters, sweaters, t-shirts, polos, overalls, body pants, garden overalls, American overalls and dust jackets.

71WorkX is a proud official dealer of Ballyclare Workwear. We have the full range of this top brand in our range. In addition, we are the first to offer the latest models of this innovative brand. If you don't find it here, you won't find it anywhere! If you have any questions about this range, feel free to contact us! We are happy to help you.

Circular workwear from Ballyclare

Finally, it is good to mention that Ballyclare contributes to the environment by manufacturing circular workwear. All Ballyclare garments are made from Infinity True Colors. This is a newly developed polyester fabric that can be 100 percent recycled into brand new clothing. This clothing has the same excellent quality. Ballyclare therefore takes back all used clothing for recycling. Reduced CO2 emissions are therefore the aim of Ballyclare's circular workwear. The brand has in mind to produce at least 40% of all corporate clothing in a circular manner within a short period of time. Always good to contribute to that!

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