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Ballyclare work jackets, unsurpassed Dutch quality

Are you looking for a work jacket that is functional, durable and trendy? Then you should definitely look at the Ballyclare collection. Ballyclare work jackets formerly known as Ballyclare Workwear stand for sober Dutch quality. This brand proves that you do not have to look far for a work jacket that fully fits all your needs. Ballyclare offers a perfect match for every professional.

Ballyclare is a top brand in home-grown industrial clothing. The roots of this brand are in Zutphen, but nowadays the home base is located in Doetinchem The Netherlands. If you follow the roots of this brand, it will be a long walk. The brand was founded in 1913 by Jan Ordelman. His name is honored to the brand name of these clothes to this day. Ballyclare is from Ordelman Confectie and has grown to become one of the top brands in the corporate clothing industry. The brand uses years of experience and excellent expertise from the real specialists in their field. You just feel this when you wear the Ballyclare work jackets.

Why you will not regret choosing an Ballyclare work jacket

If you put a lot of demands on your work jacket, and compare the various options with each other, chances are that your choice falls on an Ballyclare work jacket. You will certainly not regret that choice. A work jacket from Ballyclare is distinguished because of a balanced combination of functionality and safety. In addition, it is a work jacket that you can be seen in. With this jacket you radiate a certain style. It is a neatly finished jacket with a tough look. It is therefore not surprising that you see more and more professionals with a work jacket from Ballyclare.

Work jackets from Ballyclare suitable for every industry

The Ballyclare work jackets are suitable for every industry. Whether you work in the car industry, construction, landscaping, installation technology or whether you are a painter or plasterer, you can rely on an Ballyclare work coat. The jackets are manufactured in various versions.

The Ballyclare® CAPTURE collection perfectly matches all your requirements. In this collection there is a nice mix of style, comfort, functionality and safety. Within this line you can choose from work jackets from the identity line, the quality line and the protective line. With this last line you can think of thicker lined jackets with reflective elements. These work jackets have an ergonomic design, have a high closure and an extended back.

The work jackets from the Ballyclare® Classics line prove the top quality of this brand. This line offers a versatile choice and will perfectly suit your needs. If you have discovered these coats, you do not have to look any further.

Finally, the work jackets from the Ballyclare® Basics line. These are work jackets with an excellent price-quality ratio. You will also have a lot of fun with these work jackets. This is because Ballyclare has very high standards with regard to the quality of the work jackets. Many brands can not match the level that is considered "basic" at Ballyclare. This of course says enough.

71WorkX for Ballyclare work jackets

Are you looking for a suitable work jacket? Then it is definitely worth to look at the Ballyclare collection. If you have discovered this collection, you do not really want anything else. At 71WorkX you can easily go for the Ballyclare work jackets. We are an official dealer of this top brand. We have the complete collection available to you and all newest models are our first. Do you have questions about this? Do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly advise you on what is the best choice for you.

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