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Items 1-36 of 1477


Items 1-36 of 1477


Blåkläder Workwear if you choose sustainable quality

If you, as a craftsman or professional woman, are looking for high-quality and functional workwear, you should definitely take a look at the extensive collection of Blåkläder workwear. The Swedish company is a leader in the design and production of highly durable workwear that has an excellent appearance. It uses no less than 50 years of experience and professional knowledge. You can count on your Blaklader Workwear under all circumstances, now and in the future. The fact that Blåkläder is the only manufacturer to provide a lifetime warranty on the seams of the clothing says it all. A Blåkläder garment is therefore also a good investment for the long term.

From a small Swedish company to a leading brand in workwear

Blåkläder started producing work clothes in 1959. Initially, the company focused on the Swedish market, but now this brand has grown into one of the top brands in Europe. The company produces over 2 million garments annually! This growth is easy to explain: Blåkläder clothing meets all the wishes and requirements of the modern craftsman and professional woman. This brand embodies the new standard in corporate clothing. If you have discovered Blåkläder, you don't want anything else. This brand recognizes that when tensions and challenges arise, the details will matter, even in corporate clothing.

Blåkläder can be seen as a leading supplier of workwear, work shoes and accessories for professionals who place high demands on the quality, functionality and design of their equipment. Blåkläder workwear is suitable for the most extreme conditions. The clothing is designed in such a way that you can always rely on it whether you work in construction, along the track, on the road or on the water. You can count on Blaklader!

How Blåkläder can guarantee excellent quality workwear

Blåkläder controls the entire production process in-house. Therefore, a lot of care is taken in the entire procedure, from the design to the final finishing of the company clothing. This means that people know exactly under which circumstances the clothing is produced and by whom. As a result, the brand can not only take responsibility for its own employees, but also guarantee excellent quality in workwear. The clothing therefore meets all safety requirements.

Naturally, the design is carefully listened to the wishes from practice. Blåkläder has a large group of test persons who put the clothing to the test in practice. In addition, the quality is tested by destroying the clothing. This tests, among other things, the wear resistance, the tear and tensile resistance, the color fastness and the shrinkage. Not only is this tested by Blåkläder itself, but it is also offered to independent test institutes to have a reliable second opinion.

Do you have any questions about the Blåkläder collection? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our skilled employees can answer all your questions and of course help you with personal advice.

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