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Blåkläder safety shoes for durable protection of your feet

As a professional, you will undoubtedly know that your safety shoes are an extremely important part of your work clothes. That is why it is good to choose the best option. Chances are that you end up with Blåkläder work shoes in that regard. These shoes provide durable protection for your feet. You can rely on this.

Blåkläder is a Swedish top brand in workwear that has been active since 1959. The brand guarantees Scandinavian top quality. You can rely on the brand's clothing and shoes in all circumstances. After all, Scandinavians are used to that! The collection is fully developed based on the wishes of the user. It uses no less than 50 years of experience and professional knowledge. The brand continues to raise the bar for itself and continues to look for improvements to build on its strong position in the market.

When is a work shoe suitable?

If you are comparing safety shoes, you will undoubtedly have a list for yourself that they must meet. Like many other professionals, you will have a decent wish list. That is also possible, you have to give your feet the protection they deserve, especially if you work in a demanding environment.

There are a number of requirements that you can make of a suitable work shoe. First of all, the shoes must be of excellent quality. In addition, the shoes must also offer you the necessary safety. An accident is in a small corner. Of course, the comfort of the shoe and the support that the shoe gives your foot is also important. This prevents your feet from getting tired quickly and from getting pressure spots. If you work a lot outside or under extreme conditions, it is important that your work shoes are resistant to all weather conditions, but still have good ventilation. Last but not least, the appearance of the shoes is also important. You must be able to show off with your work shoes!

Why Blåkläder safety shoes fit your needs perfectly

We dare to say with certainty that Blåkläder work shoes perfectly match your wishes and ideals. The brand has the entire production process of work shoes under its own management. This allows the brand to guarantee an excellent quality of the shoes. In addition, the full range of Blåkläder work shoes meets the important EN standards in the field of occupational safety. With this you can think of:

  • Safety noses
  • The material of the shoe (leather or polymeric materials)
  • Nail Protection
  • Heat resistance
  • Water resistance and water repellency
  • Cold insulation
  • Slip resistance
  • Oil resistance
  • Electric resistance
  • Energy absorption
  • Antistatic properties

Blåkläder safety shoes for durable protection of your feet

Blåkläder work shoes will provide you with durable protection for your feet. This not only relates to the safety requirements that the shoes meet, but also to the quality. This is excellent! The shoes have been extensively tested under the most extreme conditions. In addition, the services of an independent institute are used to carry out tests relating to the safety and durability of the shoes. So you can always rely on your footwear, whether you work in construction, along the track, on the road or on the water.

It is good to know that Blåkläder also has the right soles for your shoes in the collection. With this too, the brand fully meets the wishes from practice. A large part of the people have problems with their feet and experience pain in their knees, back and hips. This is because feet are of course constantly exposed to the high pressure of body weight. This is certainly the case if you have a profession in which you frequently have to stand or walk. In many cases the problems are relatively easy to solve with good, fitting soles (with a high, low or neutral arch) in the shoes.

71WorkX the official dealer of Blåkläder

Blåkläder has a very wide collection of work shoes and accessories. The brand has a wide variety of both high and low models. The shoes have a nice cool design. The collection fits perfectly with 71WorkX! If you know our motto "When workwear meets style!" you also understand why we are an official dealer of Blåkläder. You will therefore find the complete collection of Blåkläder in the webshop. You will also find the latest models with us first.

Do you need more information or personal advice about Blåkläder work shoes? Feel free to contact us without obligation. Our employees can of course help you further in making your choice. We are happy to help you a step further!

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