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Blåkläder work jackets, beautiful and durable

You need a work jacket if you work a lot outdoors. As a craftsman or professional woman, you know that you have to be able to rely on your work jacket. After all, you want to be able to work unhindered! If you only settle for the best option, chances are you will end up with Blåkläder work jackets. This Swedish brand has been distinctive in the field of work clothing for quite some time. Attention is paid to every detail and as a professional you will know like no other that this makes the difference when tensions and challenges arise.

Blåkläder has been active in the workwear industry since 1959. The Swedish company has one clear mission and that is to provide those who do the hard and demanding work with suitable work clothing that is suitable for every occasion. With this, the company sets the bar very high for itself, but proves that it can deal with this without any problems. This is reflected in the work jackets of this brand. These garments meet all practical conditions.

Why you will enjoy a Blåkläder work jacket for a long time

We can easily promise you that you will enjoy a Blåkläder work jacket for a long time. The coats are of course first tested in practical conditions by a large test team. In addition, a number of work jackets are also consciously destroyed and damaged (at least an attempt is made to do this). This may sound crazy, but it certainly isn't! By destroying the coats, the wear resistance, tear and tear resistance, color fastness and shrinkage are tested, among other things. Blåkläder not only carries out these tests himself, but also has this done by an independent test institute.

In addition, it is good to know that Blåkläder gives a lifetime warranty on the seams of the work jackets. This makes the Swedish brand unique. There is no other manufacturer that offers this. It is clear proof that Blåkläder is convinced of the quality of this clothing.

Work jackets that meet your industry-specific requirements

If you want to buy a new work jacket as a professional or craftsman, you will have a reasonable wish list. The work jacket must of course be made of high-quality materials, be functional, but also have a good appearance. Not only the cut, but also the requirements for work clothing can differ per profession.

Blåkläder has a very wide collection and can meet any demand. The work jackets of this brand naturally meet all industry-specific requirements. You can choose from knitted softshell vests, but also from comfortably lined lightweight winter jackets or windproof fleece jackets. As indicated, Blåkläder produces corporate clothing for every occasion. This brand offers an extensive collection in high visibility work jackets or flame retardant work jackets. Blåkläder work jackets naturally meet all set safety standards.

Blåkläder work jackets are comfortable, durable and made of high-quality breathable materials. The jackets are excellent for everyday use. In addition, the jackets are distinguished in comfort and functionality. In order to fully meet this last point, the people of Blåkläder are in direct contact with practitioners and listen carefully to their requirements.

71WorkX, the official dealer for Blåkläder work jackets

Do you want to discover the collection of Blåkläder work jackets? Then you can go to 71WorkX. We are an official Blåkläder dealer. You can find the full collection of Blåkläder work jackets on our site. In addition, we will also be the first to present the latest models to you. After all, Blåkläder is an innovative brand that works on a daily basis to develop ideas and solutions that no one else has yet discovered.

Do you have questions about this collection or do you need personal advice? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our skilled employees are happy to make time for you to advise you personally and answer all your questions.

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