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Blåkläder work trousers, the perfect combination of quality and appearance

As a professional or craftsman, you naturally want to be able to rely on your work trousers. The pants must be of good quality, have a comfortable fit, be functional and have the desired appearance. If only the best option is good enough for you, choose Blåkläder work trousers. These garments will meet all your requirements, now and in the future,

Every professional knows that there is a big difference in work trousers. You immediately feel the difference between work trousers of a good and a lesser quality. Don't you know that feeling? Then you should definitely try the Blåkläder work trousers. This brand is distinctive on all fronts.

Why Blåkläder workwear is a good choice

Blåkläder has set itself the goal of making workwear with which they can provide every professional with the right workwear under any circumstance. This seems like an ambitious goal, but the Swedish brand succeeds perfectly. The secret to this is simple: Blåkläder is not satisfied with the second best, but only with the highest possible. This is reflected in all choices that are made with regard to (the processing of) materials and the design. In addition, there is very good listening to the wishes from practice. After all, professionals like you have to wear these work clothes!

Blåkläder work trousers of durable quality

If you choose Blåkläder work trousers, you make an investment that you will enjoy for a long time. These work trousers are distinguished by durable quality. The Swedish brand has chosen to use specific materials to make the clothing suitable for extreme conditions and uses advanced technologies to offer the user the necessary protection. The brand is also unique in providing a lifetime warranty on the seams. No other workwear brand offers this guarantee. This says a lot about the fact that Blåkläder is convinced of the sustainable quality of the clothing.

After producing a new line in workwear, work trousers are also consciously destroyed, or a serious attempt is made to do so. This has been chosen to gain insights with regard to wear resistance, tear and tensile resistance, color fastness and shrinkage of the materials. When the trousers have passed the tough tests 100%, an independent institute is called in to test the clothing. Finally, a test team is called in to test the work trousers in practice. Even now, a deliberate choice has been made to do this in somewhat more extreme circumstances.

Wide collection of Blåkläder work trousers

Blåkläder has a very wide collection of work trousers. By listening carefully to the target group, years of experience and excellent professional knowledge, the company knows what requirements are placed on the work trousers. This applies not only to the cut, but also to the functionality of the work trousers. In addition, Blåkläder can meet the industry specific “wishes” and has a wide range of high visibility work trousers, flame retardant work trousers, painters' clothing and service trousers.

Blåkläder not only has long work trousers, but also shorts and three-quarter models. The trousers are of course available in various different models, designs and colors.

The perfect combination of quality and appearance in work trousers

As you can read above, Blåkläder work trousers are an excellent choice in terms of quality and functionality. We have not yet identified one important aspect and that is the appearance. Blåkläder will not disappoint you on this important point either. The work trousers of this brand are the perfect combination of quality and appearance! The pants have nice tough looks that you can definitely show off. In that respect, the trousers also fit perfectly with the 71WorkX motto: When workwear meets style!

Official Blåkläder dealer for the Dutch professional

Would you like to discover Blåkläder's collection of work trousers? Then you are at the right place at 71WorkX. We are an Official Blåkläder dealer. As a Dutch professional, you can visit our website perfectly. We have the entire collection of this top brand available to you and you will find all the latest models first with us.

Do you have questions about this or do you need personal advice? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our skilled employees are happy to help you make your choice.

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