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Blåkläder work vests, if you work in cooler conditions

Work vests are for those days when it is just too hot to work in your work jacket or sweater, but it is also just too cold to work in your t-shirt or polo. A body warmer or work vest is an excellent option, but it must match your wishes and be of good quality. If you choose Blåkläder body warmers and work vests, you don't have to worry about that. This brand will even exceed your expectations!

Blåkläder is a very leading brand in workwear. The company has its roots in Sweden, but is now one of the major global players in this field. Blåkläder workwear is sold all over Europe, but many professionals in the USA and Canada also rely on this Swedish quality. The latter is not unjustified. Blåkläder has acquired its reputation a long time ago. The brand has been active in this field since 1959.

Why Blåkläder is an excellent option in workwear

If you are working on top performance, you want to be able to rely on the quality of your workwear, your workwear should be comfortable and there should be nothing to be desired in terms of functionality. Blåkläder will certainly not disappoint on all these fronts. The work clothes are designed based on the wishes of the professionals in the workplace.

You will notice this immediately in the fit of the body warmers and vests. A Blåkläder vest or body warmer fits like a glove. In addition, there is nothing to criticize about the appearance of the garments. Blåkläder clothing has a robust and sturdy image. You want to be seen with this! So Blåkläder is an excellent option if you are looking for workwear!

How Blåkläder can guarantee high quality in body warmers and work vests

It is good to know that Blåkläder consciously chooses specific materials with which they can effortlessly guarantee their high quality standards. In addition, the garments are tested in a very unorthodox way to guarantee a high quality of body warmers and vests.

Blåkläder destroyed a number of garments immediately after production to gain insights into abrasion resistance, tear and tear resistance, color fastness and shrinkage of the materials. Only in this way will you find out whether the clothing is suitable for any (extreme) circumstance.

A Blåkläder vest or body warmer as work clothes

If you choose a Blåkläder vest or body warmer as work clothes, you will notice that you have chosen quality. The garments are finished in detail and are ideal if you work in cooler conditions. The garments are knitted from 100% polyester and have a brushed inside. The vest has a zipper at the front and a fleece lined chin protector. The vest has a stretch panel at the back for extra comfort.

The garment is made of Oeko-Tex®100 certified material and features a few handy pockets that can be closed with a zipper. The cardigans and body warmers are available in various colors and of course in all sizes.

Personal advice about this workwear?

Are you interested in discovering Blåkläder workwear? Then take a look around on the 71WorkX website. We are an official dealer of this top brand and therefore have the entire Blåkläder collection for you in our range. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this. Our skilled employees are happy to make time for you to help you make your choice.

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