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Items 1-36 of 612


Items 1-36 of 612


Order Carhartt workwear online at 71WorkX webshop

Are you looking for cool no-nonsense workwear that is incredibly comfortable and that looks good? Then you should definitely have the workwear from Carhartt. Carhartt makes trendy work clothes of excellent quality, durability and wear resistance. This modern clothing is suitable as work clothes but also as casual clothes for those who want to look nice and casual. You can order Carhartt workwear online in the 71WorkX webshop. We are the official Dutch dealer of this American brand. You will find the complete collection of Carhartt workwear in our online shop.

Carhartt workwear, worldwide (hands on) craftsmanship

The Carhartt brand is a family business that was launched in America in 1889. The clothing was originally aimed at track workers, with the aim of providing these workers with the correct clothing and protecting them from all weather influences. Soon the "common" people discovered these excellent work clothes and the brand quickly became more popular. Carhartt workwear grew into a brand that is worn worldwide both in the workplace and in leisure time. The clothing brand got a “cool image”, and was very popular in the hip-hop culture in the early nineties thanks to Tommy Boy Records. Nothing has been lost of this popularity!

Cool work clothes for comfortable outdoor work

Carhartt still has work clothing that is very suitable for comfortable outdoor work. This tradition has been skilfully continued! The workwear will offer you protection against all weather conditions and is ideal for people working in the construction and agricultural industry. Every piece of clothing is field tested and of course good looking, because Carhartt has skillfully combined functionality and modern appearance. You will stay nice and warm on the cold winter day and always look cool on the beautiful summer day! You're always in the right place with Carhartt!

A Carhartt work trousers, Carhartt work jacket for durable quality

Carhartt clothing has been made for decades with great craftsmanship and attention to detail. This is certainly reflected in the entire clothing line of the brand, which is focused on sustainable quality. The Carhartt work jacket is robust, water-repellent, durable, comfortably warm and spacious with storage pockets. Carhartt work trousers are comfortable, practical and of course also water-repellent, but that makes sense for a brand that focuses on the outdoors. Be sure to look around in our range of body warmers, sweaters, hoodies, shorts, T-shirts, shirts and other accessories. The Carhartt hat and beanie - which are available in many colors - should of course not be missing in this list. There is certainly something for you!

Carhartt workwear as casual wear

Carhartt workwear is also regularly worn as casual wear. The clothing looks attractive due to the use of the right materials and the choice of modern colors. This cool stuff is very popular with skaters. This is exactly the reason why this brand fits so well in the range of 71WorkX, where workwear meets style.

Carhartt shirts, tough and strong

Tough and strong, that is the only correct description that can be given to Carhartt shirts. The shirts are great to wear under a pullover or a hoodie, for example, but with a Carhartt shirt you can also look good when the weather is warmer. With a shirt from the brand with the famous C logo, you know that you have chosen quality. The printed shirts ensure that the image of Carhartt is once again proven: tough and strong.

Carhartt cardigans for women and men

Of course, the cardigans should not be missing in the Carhartt clothing line. Carhartt cardigans come in all shapes and sizes and (such as the entire clothing line of the brand) available in women's and men's models. Since 2007, Carhartt also has a women's collection, under the name Carhartt for Women, which rivals the men's models. You can wear Carhartt cardigans in all circumstances. Many of these vests have special rain protection so that you can perform optimally if the weather situation does not. Under no circumstances will Carhartt abandon you.

Carhartt did not do that when the need was really high. After the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York, Carhartt distributed thousands of pullovers to the rescue workers.

Discover Carhartt in our webshop. Carhartt's workwear is suitable for various branches. This includes the construction sector, the metal sector, the agricultural sector, transport and construction. Carhartt guarantees you optimal, sustainable quality as a result of more than a century of experience in workwear.

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