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Carhartt casual shirts to make an excellent appearance

Are you looking for a casual shirt with a neat and sporty look? Then the shirts from Carhartt are an excellent choice. With the Carhartt shirts you can look great. You can wear these shirts both at work and privately.

Carhartt is a leading American brand in corporate clothing. The brand has been active in the corporate clothing industry for over a century. This started by providing indestructible industrial clothing for track workers who had to perform their work under very extreme conditions. Later this brand grew into a worldwide appealing clothing brand that offers a versatile collection in workwear. You can go to Carhartt for work jackets, (short and long) work trousers, body warmers, cardigans, sweaters, hoodies, T-shirts and various beautiful accessories.

The image of Carhartt

The Carhartt brand is known for very high quality workwear. The clothing is ideal for wearing in extreme conditions and has been specially developed for this. Durability and durability are as important to this brand as functionality.

In addition, Carhartt has a very cool image, which is actually created by the wearers themselves. The brand became very popular in the hip hop scene in the 90s and many people started to see these clothes not only as workwear, but also as casual wear. As a result, the demand for Carhartt clothing grew very quickly. Since that time, this clothing has also been widely used as leisure clothing.

Carhartt Workwear has an absolute cult status in the American market today and has many fans. The brand is known for the characteristic garments such as the Carhartt western pant, double knee and Carhartt duck. The brand is one of the leading brands in America and that has not gone unnoticed in Europe. Since the brand was also introduced in Europe in 2006, it has been extremely popular as workwear and as casual clothing.

Shirt for casual and workwear

A Carhartt shirt fits completely in the line of garments that can be used both as casual clothes and as workwear. The shirts have a look with which you can look neat at work but also in private. In addition, you can wear it well if you have an appointment at work with a client or a partner, and want to look a little bit neater.

Wide choice of Carhartt work shirts

If you look in the collection of work shirts from Carhartt, you will experience that you have a wide choice. Carhartt has an excellent interpretation for every taste or wish. Take a look at the following beautiful options:

  • Long sleeve shirts
  • Short sleeve shirts
  • Sherpa lined Shirts
  • Slim fit flannel shirts
  • Ironwood twill work shirts
  • Rugged flex® patten denim shirt
  • Flannel shirts
  • Weathered canvas shirt

If these shirts are available in various variants and colors. Because of this you will certainly find a nice shirt that suits you completely. Carhartt has shirts with various designs in the collection. These are available in a solid color scheme or in a traditional tough diamond. This allows you to go to Carhartt for a neat shirt but also for a shirt with a sporty look.

High quality work shirt

The shirts are fully in line with the other Carhartt collection. These garments are also of excellent quality and also feature three-seam stitched main seams. In addition, the shirts have a perfect fit so that you have optimal freedom of movement in these garments. A work shirt from Carhartt is therefore also of excellent quality.

Pick out Carhartt work shirts

You can go to the 71WorkX website to find out Carhartt work shirts. Because we are an official dealer, you will find the entire collection of this top brand with us and you will find the latest models first.

We recommend that you take a look at the size chart if you have made your choice for a Carhartt shirt. After all, Carhartt's clothing is quite large for our understanding. You can determine the correct size on the basis of the size chart, which you will find on every Carhartt product page.

If you have any questions about this, or if you need personal advice, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our skilled employees are ready to help you on your way.

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