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Carhartt work shoes, robust quality

If you choose Carhartt, you choose robust quality. This indestructible quality is also reflected in the Carhartt work shoes. The American brand has a wide collection of work shoes that real professionals can fully rely on. These work shoes are suitable for all extreme situations.

If you have to deliver top performances as a craftsman or professional woman, you will of course ensure that your work clothing is in perfect order. After all, your work clothing must be of excellent quality, but also durable, functional and have a beautiful appearance.

What requirements do good shoes have to work on?

Work shoes are an important part of your work clothes. After all, you stand on your footwear all day and sometimes you walk (without even knowing it) long distances. It is therefore important that they are comfortable and provide the right support. This will also prevent tired feet and pressure marks. Obviously, the shoes must be well ventilated and of excellent quality.

What is also important is that the shoes are suitable for the work you do. Work shoes must provide the necessary safety to prevent injuries and of course withstand all weather conditions. For shoes that meet these quality requirements, you should definitely look at the Carhartt collection. Carhartt work shoes are of excellent quality and look good. The latter is of course also important and therefore fits perfectly with 71WorkX, where workwear meets style.

Carhart distinguishes itself in extreme conditions

Carhartt is an appealing American brand that has been very successful in making highly durable workwear for more than a century. Originally, the brand was responsible for the work clothes of the track workers, who had to perform their work under extreme conditions.

Carhartt developed clothing that was not only very strong, durable and therefore durable, but could also protect workers very well against all weather conditions. The collection of clothing with these excellent qualities was quickly expanded and more and more craftsmen from other branches discovered the many good properties of this indestructible clothing.

In addition, the Carhartt collection has an excellent appearance and a cool image. This makes the brand with the well-known C logo not only back on the work floor, but also that the clothing is worn as casual clothing.

Work shoes from Carhartt

The indestructible character in combination with the tough image can also be found in the work shoes of Carhartt. There is a wide choice from the versatile Carhartt collection. The brand distinguishes between safety shoes for professional purposes and shoes that are suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking and mountain climbing.

The robust and durable safety shoes from Carhartt are ideal for various industries in which many demands are placed on work shoes, such as the construction or industry sector. The shoes are of an indestructible quality and equipped with a (non-metal) safety toe to protect you optimally against impact and compression risks. The shoes are made of puncture resistant material and have a Storm Defender® waterproof breathable protection. The heel stabilizers are part of an advanced Insite® technology for optimal comfort and to combat fatigue. You can absolutely rely on these shoes, wherever and whenever!

Carhartt work shoes for women

Carhartt is not only a brand for craftsmen. Modern craftsmen can also go to this Carhartt for work shoes. Carhartt has also had a women's collection since 2007, under the name Carhartt for Women. These top quality women's shoes are inferior to the men's models and have been specially developed for a women's last. These work shoes also have the same tough and robust appearance as the men's models.

Which Carhartt work shoe is best for you

If you are looking for Carhartt work shoes, you can go to 71WorkX. We are an official dealer of this top brand, which is active worldwide. With us you will find the complete collection. You will find all the latest models here first.

We recommend that you take a look at the size chart once you have made your choice for work shoes Carhartt. The American shoe sizes are different from the shoe sizes that we know in Europe. Using the size chart, which you will find on every Carhartt product page, you can easily determine the correct size.

If you would like personal advice, to find out which Carhartt work shoe is best for you, please feel free to contact us. Our skilled employees are ready to help you.

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