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Grisport safety shoes

When you are at work, you should not worry about your safety and your comfort. Grisport safety shoes are an excellent alternative. Grisport innovative safety and high-quality materials with optimal comfort and a stylish look. Just look at models like the Grisport S3 or the 702. You can, in all respects, look excellent with this!

The complete collection of work shoes marketed by Grisport is certified by a recognized testing institute and complies with the European standards EN ISO 20345: 2011. In addition, the shoes are of course provided with a CE quality mark. When you choose Grisport safety shoes, you choose excellent quality.

What is safety standard S3?

Grisport safety shoes naturally meet the S3 safety standard. There are various safety standards for work shoes. The S3 safety standard is a high standard in this, and certainly of great importance for professional use of this shoe. The letter S stands for the English word “Safety”. The European standard prescribes what safety shoes must meet in order to qualify for an S3 standard.

The S3 standard prescribes, among other things, that it offers protection against mechanical damage to the forefoot. This means that with an impact of 200J (think of 20KG), no damage may occur to the forefoot.

Product specifications Grisport safety shoes

In addition, the Grisport safety shoes have the following product specifications that comply with the S3 standard:

  • The shock absorption in the heel must be at least 200 Joules.
  • The shoes have anti-static properties.
  • There is an energy intake through the heel.
  • The shoes have a closed heel
  • There is an increased resistance to water ingress
  • The shoes have an anti-perforation safety sole of Kevlar

Grisport work shoe

The Grisport work shoe can be found in many industries. Take a look around in the construction industry, the metal sector, the agricultural sector, transport and construction.

A great many people from those branches choose Grisport and that is telling about the quality. The shoes of this Italian brand are now available in more than 50 countries!

The popularity of Grisport safety shoes is not surprising given the great positive and functional properties that a work shoe from this brand has. The origin of Grisport lies in the development of high-level mountain boots. Helped by this experience, it was decided to develop work shoes.

The best safety shoe

Only the best is good enough for Grisport. The latest, innovative materials and technologies for production techniques are used to create an optimal combination of safety, comfort, durability and a modern look. Grisport has incorporated Vibram® soles, Gore-tex®, waterproof foils, Cambrelle® linings and the unique Heel Support System® developed by Grisport itself in the safety shoes.

Order the best safety shoe now on the 71workx website. 71workx is the official dealer of Grisport. Take a quick look in our webshop with the full range of Grisport safety shoes (small high and low models) are available. If you have additional questions or if you need personal advice, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you make the right choice.

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