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Herock workwear and work shoes, for strong and comfortable workwear

If only the very best is good enough for you, choose Herock workwear and safety shoes to work in. Herock workwear stands for strong and comfortable company clothing, but it certainly looks good too. It will offer you optimal protection against external factors and injuries and will also look tough. The best clothing if you have to do heavy physical labor.

Herock workwear, indestructible company clothing

The name “Rock” says it all, this is indestructible company clothing. The clothing is made of the strongest materials that can resist all external influences. That is why this Herock workwear is ideal for professionals who:

- work under extreme (weather) conditions
- work at great heights
- perform other heavy labor.

Herock workwear is extensively tested for wearability, comfort and protection

Thoroughly tested in the webshop for work clothes.
Herock makes every effort to ensure that Herock clothing meets the high requirements of the user. Despite the years of experience in this industry, the clothing is examined by scientists and researchers in the laboratories. After that, the garments are used in practice during demanding practical situations. The products are therefore thoroughly tested in the webshop for work clothes. So you can confidently choose Herock clothing as a work jacket, work trousers, sweater or workvests.

Herock and Sherock, workwear for women and men

The days when the heavy jobs were filled by men only have long since passed. In this century, women also hold their own in professions known as "male professions". The “stone” clothing brand has workwear for men, but also workwear for women. For this professional woman there is the Sherock clothing line where the woman is also provided with the right equipment to show off her craftsmanship.

71WorkX, the official Herock workwear dealer

Are you a professional in which functionality, comfort and protection are the most important aspects of your company clothing but do you want to look good? Then you should definitely check out our webshop. We are an official Herock dealer and carry the full range of this brand. Herock corporate clothing serves various purposes: in addition to being functional, this clothing is also trendy. You can look good with this and in this clothing you certainly come across as representative. That is why it fits perfectly into the 71WorkX range, where workwear meets style.

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