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Herock work trousers, beautiful and indestructible

Herock work trousers are distinguished by more than excellent quality. You can fully rely on these work trousers in all circumstances. Herock has versatile options in work trousers for various industries.

Herock really only has one goal: to make work clothes that you can wear in all circumstances. This brand has been successful in this. The work clothing is of such quality that it is indestructible. That is why this clothing is ideal for a variety of industries.

Why choose Herock

The name Herock actually indicates it. The clothing is super strong, very durable and cannot be broken. This is also the trademark of Herock. This makes it the right choice for professionals who have to perform the toughest tasks in the most extreme conditions. After all, you can rely on Herock workwear.

In addition to this indestructible appearance, Herock has also paid a lot of attention to the design of the clothing. This also worked very well. The clothing has a nice cool look with which you can definitely come out. Herock also fits perfectly with the motto of 71WorkX: where workwear meets style.

Versatile choice in Herock work trousers

Herock has a very versatile choice in work trousers. These trousers perfectly match the wishes of the professional in the workplace. The pants are equipped with various detachable Velcro® waist loops but also sufficient side pockets, leg pockets and knee pockets. Every Herock work trouser is equipped with five or more storage pockets to store materials and other accessories. In addition, the GSM bag is of course not missing.

Herock pants are reinforced with 100% polyamide Cordura® and have a coating that repels water, dirt and oil. The adjustable waist and removable hem ensure excellent wearing comfort of these Herock work trousers. It goes without saying that every work trouser has reflective details.

Which Herock work trousers are suitable?

Herock has such a varied collection that you will always find suitable work trousers from this brand. If you look at the wide choice of Herock, you will also find beautiful jeans models. These are work trousers with a jeans look. These multi-pocket work trousers are made of 100% jeans cotton with 100% polyamide Cordura® as reinforcement material. A beautiful appearance does not have to be at the expense of quality. Herock proves it.

Herock work trousers are available in various sizes and colors. Do you need high visibility work trousers for your own safety? You can also go to Herock for this. The brand has certified clothing in both fluorescent orange and the bright yellow color.

Herock and Sherock

If you split the name Herock, you end up with the words “he” and “rock”. The last word indicates the quality of the clothing, the first word indicates the target group. However, this target group is much more extensive than in the past. More and more ladies are holding their own in the original “men's professions”. The “stone” brand makes excellent use of this. In addition to Herock, Sherock was also created, the clothing line of this brand for women.

The women's line of this top brand has the same top quality as the men's line and is fully designed for the feminine fit. In this way, the ladies are also provided with excellent work clothing with a cool design.

Official Herock dealer

71WorkX is an official Herock company clothing dealer. This ensures that you can find the entire collection of this top brand on this website. We have all the latest models first. If you don't find it with us, no one has it.

Determine the size of Herock work trousers

Herock is an American brand that has a different size than we are used to. That is why it is wise to measure your measurements as well to make the right choice. With regard to work trousers, you can do this in a simple way.

To do this, put your own pants, with the button and zipper closed, on a flat surface and tighten the waistband. Now measure the waistband from left to right. The number of centimeters is your Herock pants size. You can also check out our handy size chart, which you will find with every product specification.

Do you have questions about the dimensions or about the Herock or Sherock clothing line? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you personally in making your choice.

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