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Snickers workwear, forerunner in functional workwear

It is very important that you have workwear that is comfortable and in which you can do a job without any worries. Snicker's workwear can fully meet this requirement. Due to the constant development of their products, Snickers Workwear is the forerunner in functional workwear.

71WorkX is the official dealer of Snickers workwear. We offer you the full range of this modern clothing brand.

The development in workwear

Snickers pays a lot of attention in the design, development and testing of their workwear to meet all modern requirements. Before the products are offered on the market, they are extensively tested in practice. These tests are performed by your colleagues. These are professionals who - just like you - want to work in the best workwear. The tests are carried out in the only correct way: during work, under all types of (weather) conditions. The company clothing is tested for quality, functionality, safety, comfort and durability. The garment will not be released until all tests have passed.

The work jackets from Snickers Workwear

A good example of the optimal functionality of Snickers Workwear are the work jackets of this brand. These jackets have functional and smart details such as the sleeves. These are pre-bent to promote a natural working posture and greater freedom of movement. In addition, the work jackets are made of breathable, waterproof and dirt-repellent fabrics for even more working comfort. So for optimal quality, Snickers Workwear is the right choice!

Advanced work trousers

Snickers Workwear also provides advanced work trousers. These pants have a twisted leg ™. This ensures perfect wearing comfort with every movement you make. The Kneeguard knee protection provides superior protection for these body parts. The work trousers are extremely strong, durable and have many pockets. These garments will therefore absolutely meet all the requirements of the modern professional!

Modern work clothes from Snickers

In addition to being functional, Snickers is also trendy. You want to be seen in this modern work clothing from Snickers and it is certainly suitable to wear all day. The appealing brand is trendy and functional. This makes you look good! Snickers Workwear therefore fits completely into the 71WorkX formula, where workwear meets style.

We have garments for all seasons and all weather conditions of this A-brand. This includes shorts, body warmers, sweaters, hoodies, t-shirts, rainwear, shirts, underwear, coveralls, knee protection and accessories. We also have a wide choice of tool carriers and accessories. All Snickers workwear is available in small and large sizes.

71WorkX is the Snickers Workwear webshop in the Netherlands.

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