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Snickers overalls

An overall is not only handy but also gives you the necessary protection when you work outside under somewhat tougher conditions. In that case, wearing comfort and freedom of movement are usually the criteria that a suitable overall, bib overall, sleeveless overall and winter coverall must meet. A Snickers coverall is certainly eligible. Snickers makes workwear in which superior functionality is combined with an advanced design. A Snickers work overalls are not only practical, but also sturdy, durable and comfortable. This makes this garment ideal for a wide range of activities.

Snickers workwear

Snickers workwear is of very high quality. This workwear is ideal for professionals who are looking for the very best in safety, protection and comfort at work. After designing and developing the workwear, the workwear is subjected to extensive practical tests. A very critical test team puts the clothing to the test in (extreme) practical situations. Nothing is left to chance.

Only when the clothes have passed these tests have they been put on the market. With Snickers workwear you are therefore assured of the best workwear you could wish for.

Snickers sleeveless overalls

Snickers has a large collection of sleeveless overalls and work overalls in the range. Snickers has the right sleeveless overall for a very large number of industries. For construction workers, carpenters, painters or people who work in dark conditions (high-visibility overalls, EN 471 class 2), Snickers Workwear has the perfect workwear.

Snickers sleeveless overalls have an advanced, ergonomic design. With a perfect fit, this clothing optimally combines aspects such as comfort and freedom of movement with just the right built-in functionality that you need to do your job well. With Snicker's sleeveless overall you can do your work safely, pleasantly and without worries. The sleeveless overall can be used all year round, with a shirt, polo or sweater underneath, and when it gets really cold with a warm jacket over it.

Hard-wearing overalls from Duratwill

Snickers does not compromise on quality. This is also reflected in the choice of materials. In addition to very comfortable yet durable work overalls made of Canvas + fabric, the brand even offers work overalls that incorporate Duratwill. Duratwill is a dirt-repellent fabric that will provide the right protection in extreme conditions.

Duratwill's extremely durable work overalls are reinforced with Cordura® for extra durability and Velcro fasteners. The advanced cut with Twisted Leg ™ design, the stretch fabric in the back and the adjustable shoulder straps ensure optimal freedom of movement and wearing comfort. The knee pad pockets, designed for the KneeGuard ™ positioning system, provide optimal knee protection.

The practical properties of the Snickers overalls

In addition to protection, freedom of movement and the associated comfort, the Snickers work overalls are also a very practical garment. A great deal of attention has also been paid to this aspect in the development of work clothing aimed at optimal practical experience.

The garment has several practical storage pockets such as two large chest pockets with extra compartments. These fold out to a maximum of 45 degrees to ensure optimum safety and to prevent the contents of the bag from falling out. As you notice, every detail has been taken into account! Also with the recognisability and accessibility, Snickers overalls are provided with a mobile phone compartment and plastic badge holder. In addition, the garment has stable holster pockets with outer pockets. This is of course perfect for small tools, pens, etc.

Coverall to protect back problems

Back problems are a common problem in people who perform more strenuous physical activities or who regularly work on their knees. By wearing overalls, the back is always covered and therefore stays warmer. This reduces the risk of back problems.

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