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Snickers rainwear for optimal protection

If you work a lot outside, you know better than anyone that you must be provided with the right rainwear. Snickers rainwear is an excellent option for this. Snickers rainwear will offer you optimal protection against the wettest weather conditions. This clothing is distinctive for these objectives.

We will not have to convince you if we mention that the weather in the Netherlands and Belgium can be very changeable. Beautiful summer days can be alternated with long periods of rain. You should definitely take this into account if you work a lot outside. You should always have your rain gear within reach.

Excellent quality rainwear

There is a lot of difference in quality in rainwear. It is therefore important to take this into account if you work outside as a professional. Nothing is more annoying than rainwear that still leaks through or feels uncomfortable over time. This can be a very disturbing factor if top performance is expected of you. Snickers Workwear has rainwear of an excellent quality in the collection. As a professional you can fully rely on this.

Why Snickers Workwear rainwear is an excellent choice

Snickers workwear is one of the leading brands in workwear. It is an appealing brand that is sold in more than 20 countries. Snickers distinguishes itself by manufacturing advanced work clothing that is fully tailored to the wishes of the professional who wears this clothing. The clothing is designed on the basis of high standards in functionality, comfort, safety, protection and durability.

Only when there is full conviction that the garments meet these conditions, it will be made available on the market. However, no risk is taken in this. After designing and manufacturing the advanced clothing, a test team of demanding, hardworking professionals will test the clothing in practice. The clothing has been used intensively in all types of weather for a long time, such as extreme cold and wet conditions. Only when the clothing passes these tests will it be sold.

Rain gear to work in

Snickers Workwear has a wide range of rainwear to work in. Raincoats and trousers are available separately or in a set. In addition, Snickers has high visibility rainwear in both a fluorescent yellow and orange color. This is certainly a good option if you need to be clearly visible despite the bad weather conditions to increase your safety.

The rain gear is provided with superior waterproof technology and of course with completely waterproof seams. The supple and stretchy fabric not only ensures an excellent fit and superior comfort, but also makes the clothes easy to put on. The rain gear is provided with Velcro straps so that it stays in the right place. This clothing will always ensure a 100% dry working day, regardless of the weather. The 3M reflective tapes provide better visibility in these bad weather conditions.

Official Snickers dealer for rainwear

71WorkX is an official Snickers Workwear dealer. In our webshop you will find the entire collection of this top brand, including rainwear. If you have any questions when choosing the rainwear that best suits your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our skilled employees are ready to advise you. As you can read, Snickers never settles for a compromise. You don't either? Certainly not when it rains!

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