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Snickers work jackets for every industry

Any professional looking for an optimal quality work jacket should definitely check out the Snickers Workwear range. If you opt for Snickers work jackets, you are assured of a perfect quality work jacket with which you can look great. Snickers has been able to combine functionality and appearance in an excellent way.

Snickers offers advanced workwear for professionals who not only place high demands on themselves, but also on their workwear. This is a distinctive top brand in terms of functionality, safety and appearance.

High quality work jacket

You can go to Snickers for a high quality work jacket. The brand, like you, only settles for the best and compromises are not accepted. This is also reflected in the history of this brand. After all, the brand was founded by an electrician who was not satisfied with his work clothes and decided to make it himself.

The sequel of this success story is known, Snickers is a leading top brand in workwear. The clothing that is put on the market is the result of long-term intensive research, development and extensive practical tests.

The result is clothing that is timeless and excels in durability. In addition, a lot of attention is also paid to appearance. You don't think that electrician wanted to make a fool of you? You won't have to do that if you wear Snickers clothes. Workwear meets style with this brand, which is why it fits perfectly into the 71WorkX range.

Wide range of work jackets from Snickers

71WorkX is therefore an official dealer of this top brand. We have the entire collection available to you and you will therefore find a wide range of work jackets from Snickers with us. Snickers has a suitable work jacket for every industry. Even for the youngest among us there is work clothing, so that they can practice undisturbed for later, if they have to deliver top performances as a professional.

The range of Snickers work jackets is characterized by a great diversity. If you take a closer look, you will see that a lot of attention has been paid to practical wishes in the design. Below an example where this is clear:

Waterproof soft shell work jacket or fleece jacket from Snickers

A waterproof soft shell work jacket or fleece jacket from Snickers is clearly designed with practical use in mind. This jacket is equipped with advanced materials that will keep your body fresh and at the right temperature in all circumstances. This clothing is made from a special three-layer windstopper® material so that you are not bothered by the wind when you are outside work. In addition, the inner layer ensures a comfortable body temperature.

It goes without saying that the Snickers work and fleece jackets have an ergonomic cut that allows you to work comfortably and unobstructed. This includes the pre-bent sleeves, high collar and the adjustable waist. The fleece jacket is extra warm and has an integrated hood for optimal protection.

These jackets are of course equipped with Cordura® reinforced elbows for extra durability. The reflective details provide improved visibility and safety. You will be able to work comfortably all day long.

High visibility or flame retardant work jackets from Snickers

In addition to the ultimate all-weather work jackets from Snickers, the brand also has work jackets for specific purposes. Think of high visibility or flame retardant work jackets. This clothing also fits perfectly in the Snickers line: aspects such as smart functionality, perfect comfort and optimal protection according to the applicable safety standards have been combined in an excellent way.

The flame retardant work jackets stiffen when it comes into contact with flames and heat. In this way, a protective barrier is created for you. The high visibility clothing also meets all safety standards and is distinguished in quality and functionality so that you can work comfortably in this.

Ladies work jackets from Snickers

As a professional you can also come to Snickers for women's workwear. The ladies work jackets from Snickers are specially designed for the female fit and of the same excellent quality, functionality and appearance as the men's models. This means that you, as a professional, do not have to wear clothes that are not quite comfortable. If you choose Snickers you do not have to make any concessions, the founder of the brand did not do this with this fantastic result.

Feel free to look around in our webshop to make your choice. If you need help making that choice, feel free to contact us. Our skilled employees are happy to help you.

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