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Snickers work shirts with a timeless design

Do you want to appear representative at work but don't want to appear too stiff? Then you should definitely look at the work shirt collection of Snickers Workwear. These work shirts offer a timeless look that you can use to showcase your business. However, you can also wear these shirts in your spare time. Snickers shirts have a look that takes away that difference.

Snickers Workwear is part of the Hultafors Group. Very diverse leading brands in workwear are represented in this. Snickers clothing distinguishes itself in areas such as functionality, quality, durability and appearance. Both craftsmen and craftsmen can dress from head to toe with clothing from this brand.

The look of Snickers

The clothing has a tough and robust appearance that can be worn while working, but also as casual wear. Snickers can provide people from a wide variety of industries with the right work clothing. In the collection you will not only find clothing that will protect you when you are labor-intensive, but also clothing that you can wear if you have to appear a bit neater at your appointment.

Shirts from Snickers

Snickers is responsible for representative work clothing. This actually applies to the entire collection. In addition to work clothing with a cool look, this brand also has work shirts that are easy to combine with other garments.

The work shirts of Snickers have a timeless design but also offer the wearing comfort that this top brand is so distinctive in. The plaid flannel shirts feel soft and comfortable. The stretch fabric provides excellent wearing comfort, which is reflected in perfect freedom of movement.

Ladies work shirts to work in

Snickers can not only dress a professional from head to toe, but the professional can also rely on this brand. The collection of this leading brand also offers a wide selection of women's workwear. If you are looking for women's t-shirts, shirts or blouses to work in, chances are that you will end up at Snickers.

The shirts are specially designed for a close feminine fit and have excellent wearing comfort. So you are not forced to wear men's clothing if you do the same work and in this clothing you do have those cool looks that Snickers exudes.

Long-sleeved work shirts

In addition to a wide choice of work shirts, Snickers also has a versatile choice of long-sleeved shirts. These shirts are also easy to combine with other garments. A litework shirt from Snickers is made of polyester with the advanced 37.5® technology. As a result, moisture is collected and evaporated. This ensures superior cool and dry working comfort and you will not be bothered by unpleasant odors on a hot day or when you are working intensively. So comfort and appearance are perfectly combined by Snickers.

Interested in Snicker's work shirts?

If you are interested in Snicker's work shirts you can go to 71WorkX. The look of the entire clothing line of this brand is fully in line with our range: workwear meets style. We are therefore pleased that we are an official dealer of Snickers Workwear and can offer you the full collection of this brand. You will find all the latest models here first, so keep an eye on this website!

If you have any questions about the work shirts of Snickers, or would like personal advice when making your choice, please do not hesitate to contact us. our skilled employees are happy to help you.

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