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Snickers work sweaters to work in and to wear as casual wear

Snickers is a top brand in work clothing, the professionals who wear this clothing will confirm this without exception. In addition to perfect quality and functionality, this clothing also has an excellent appearance. Just look at the Snickers sweaters, hoodies and fleece sweaters, these are perfect for working in and have a cool look to be worn as casual wear.

Snickers is one of the top brands in workwear that combines quality, durability and comfort in an excellent way. The sweaters are designed with care, using advanced techniques that fully meet the wishes of the professional. These garments have been extensively tested in practice before they are put on the market. Only the designs that fully meet all the high standards of this brand are put on the market.

Snickers work sweaters as casual wear

Of course, aspects such as quality, durability and comfort are important, but if a work sweater does not look good, you will not feel comfortable with it. You do not have to worry about this with the Snickers sweaters, and with all other clothing items of this brand. The work jerseys of Snickers have a nice cool look that you can show off perfectly, both during work and in your free time. After all, you will find that you can wear this robust but comfortable clothing as casual wear. The line between these two goals is very thin.

As a result, Snickers Workwear clothing fits perfectly with the range in the 71WorkX webshop: where workwear meets style. We are therefore pleased that we are an official dealer of this leading brand and can offer you the entire collection of this top brand. Below is a look at Snickers' versatile collection of work sweaters.

Work sweaters from Snickers Workwear

By naming the all-round work rugby sweater and the ½ zip sweatshirt from Snickers Workwear, we are focusing on two all-round classics with a modern twist. These garments are made of a high-quality material that you will enjoy for a long time. In addition, these work sweaters from Snickers Workwear offer extensive options for company profiling.

We can also count the rugby shirt of Snickers among the timeless classics and will fully meet your expectations. The shirt is made of a heavy yet supple fabric and pre-washed fabric, so you can count on both excellent comfort and durability. The advanced design incorporating elastic cuffs and side slits ensures optimal fit.

In addition to the above work sweaters and shirts, Snickers Workwear also has a very wide selection of sweatshirts and pullovers. These garments are available in various colors and designs, where you can choose between clothing with and without the Snickers logo.

Work sweater made of 100% wool

If you are looking for a work sweater made of 100% natural wool, we can definitely recommend the ½ zip wool sweater. This wool sweater will provide a wonderfully warm and comfortable second layer when you are working. The wool is highly moisture-absorbent and breathable, so it keeps you fresh when you work hard. In addition, natural wool is resistant to odors and you can wear this sweater for a longer period without washing.

This sweater will provide comfortable warmth during cold conditions. As we are used to from Snickers, a lot of attention has been paid to the wearing comfort and durability of the sweater. The polyamide reinforced elbows and forearms will extend the life of your sweater, the ½ zipper and thumb grips make sure you don't want to wear another sweater.

Multi-pocket work sweater

Snickers also has versatile options if you are looking for a multi-pocket work sweater. These work sweaters are equipped with patented MultiPockets ™. These two handy side pockets are perfect for transporting small items. The sweaters are made of a very stable, three-thread woven fabric that will keep its shape even after frequent washing. These sweaters are distinguished by an advanced design with a contemporary fit.

The versatile collection of Snickers work sweaters

Snickers provides work sweaters that are suitable for many industries. In addition to the aforementioned work sweaters, this brand also has a wide range in, among other things, high-visibility sweaters and painter's sweaters.

You can discover the versatile collection of Snickers work sweaters on our website. If you have any questions about this collection or need personal advice, you can always contact us. Our skilled employees are happy to help you.

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